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How to Attempt Class 8th Maths Exam Effectively

You strive to be the greatest and be at the top of your game at all times. Similarly, if you're taking a CBSE Class 8 test, Mathematics will be the sole subject that may assist you to achieve your goals. Because mathematics is the only subject in CBSE Class 8 where pupils may get a perfect score on the exam. However, to achieve full marks or to succeed in Mathematics, you must prepare well and work diligently.

To begin, begin with the chapters having the largest weightage of marks in the examination. Then you should concentrate on understanding the basics of each chapter. It's crucial to understand the fundamental principles in each chapter since they'll assist you to prepare for competitive examinations like JEE and NEET.

Students may simply gain higher marks in the test by studying from textbook solutions without the aid of professors, therefore saving time and without having to attend tuition or a coaching centre.

Tips to Follow for Class 8 Mathematics

Students must become familiar with the question structure and topic weighting to achieve excellent scores. Students are put under a lot of pressure to perform well in tests if they don't know how to employ an appropriate exam approach, which leads to worry and tension. The following are some pointers to assist students in planning their studies and performing well in tests.

  1. Constant practice

People become flawless as a result of their practice. As a result, you must continually practise to learn and achieve in Mathematics. To do well on the exam, you should review sample papers. Practice is an important factor in gaining better comprehension of the topic.

  1. Utilize NCERT Solution

The CBSE suggests that students use the NCERT Solutions. For example, to know something about Chapter 1, you can surely refer to RS Aggarwal Class 8 Maths Chapter 1 Ex 1.1 Solutions. This is because each subject is given in chapters. Students get a fundamental understanding of a topic and know what to concentrate on to perform well on a test. The NCERT Mathematics Solutions might also assist you in your JEE preparation.

  1. Concentrate on difficult topics

If you want to get a good grade, you should concentrate on the difficult chapters and make sure you comprehend all of the ideas. Complete the first few chapters, such as quadrilaterals, geometry, and algebraic expressions, before moving on to the others. This is because these topics are the most difficult, and the knowledge you master now will be applied to future exams. As a result, always prioritise finishing the difficult tasks above the simpler ones.

  1. Consult solved sample papers

If you want to succeed in Mathematics, you should consult solved example papers. You may improve your grades by properly studying the subject. The majority of the questions you'll be given in your test will be similar to those on such question papers.

  1. Clear all your doubts

Make sure you don't have any questions about a certain issue. By removing any uncertainties, you will be able to study effectively and pass the exam with ease.

  1. Time Management

Effective time management will assist students in completing their exam papers on time, eliminating last-minute worry and tension. Students can do this by creating a timetable that allocates adequate time to each course.

  1. Make it a habit to write down your answers

Even if you know the answers in your head, you must always write them down. While you're practising, make a list of the steps you'll need to solve the problem. When it comes to social science and mathematics issues, having good writing skills will come in handy. Such procedures will make your math appear simple to you.

  1. Know More about BODMAS

Make sure you understand the BODMAS rule, as it is the key to getting the right solution. The bracket of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction (BODMAS) is an acronym that stands for Bracket of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. If you have the fundamentals in place, it will be much easier for you to solve issues and save time during the exam.

  1. Know Your Preparation

To get excellent scores on the CBSE test, you must do more than just prepare and practise papers; you must also analyse your performance. Regularly reviewing your preparation can help you improve your weak areas and pass the exam with ease. All of your questions on specific issues will be answered.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Commit sure you don't make the following typical blunders when studying for CBSE Class 8 Mathematics.

  • Do not miss any topic in Mathematics Class 8 that has lower marks/weightage, as each topic is vital for high grades.
  • Never tackle ambiguous questions if you are unsure of the ideas since it will waste your time and leave you with nothing.
  • When taking an exam, students often scan the question paper. Make sure you read everything thoroughly and prevent guessing in the exam.
  • Never try to jam the steps needed in solving a mathematical issue into your head. This will have the opposite effect. It is preferable to concentrate on comprehending the rationale.
  • Don't put yourself under unnecessary stress by studying unfamiliar chapters at the last minute. This isn't the time to start memorising encyclopaedias.
  • To increase your enjoyment, don't solve question papers from decades ago. Since then, the pattern and curriculum may have changed several times.
  • Sample papers should never be used in place of textbooks. They practise exams that simulate the question paper and may not be useful unless they are supplemented with textbooks.
  • Do not attempt to revise everything in one sitting. Each day, consume a couple of chapters to allow your brain to re-register the principles.
  • Do not be alarmed or stressed. Rest properly and approach the exam with a clear head.


Follow this strategy and you'll be well prepared for the CBSE Class 8 Mathematics Exam. Exams administered by schools serve as a stepping stone in our professional careers. It's important to remember that mastering mathematics isn't rocket science. The key to preparing is to review and focus on important strengths, as well as to establish a strategy for answering questions. Also, keep in mind that skipping a few questions isn't a big deal. Don't let yourself down by attempting to gather everything at the last minute.

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