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How to Avoid Immigration Scams

One sad reality about immigration is the proliferation of scams. They prey on innocent and even desperate people and try to make money from them. Knowing that applicants are fleeing their home country to seek asylum and better opportunities in the US, scammers will abuse their situation to get little gain.

But immigration applicants can avoid these scams altogether by getting qualified and recognized immigration lawyers. They will be able to provide solid advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

One way of keeping yourself from getting scammed is to know how they operate. In this article, you will be able to distinguish how they do it. This way, you can avoid any immigration scams when applying for asylum in the US.

Notarios Posing as Lawyers

The United States Citizenships and Immigration Services (USCIS) warns Latin Americans of this scam because this type of scam is most prevalent in Southern America. Notarios for Spanish-speaking nations are considered powerful attorneys who have legal credentials. However, in the US, notary publics are appointed by the state government to witness the signing of documents and administer oaths. 

USCIS clarifies that there are only two kinds of authorized immigration service providers. These are the licensed attorneys who have good standing, who are the ones who have practiced in at least one state and do not appear on DoJ’s blacklist, and accredited non-lawyers, who are persons under the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

Phone Scams

Scammers trick applicants into paying or transferring money by calling them and posing as if they are from the agency. But the USCIS clarifies that they do not accept any payments other than their official payment systems.

Deportation Threats

Some scammers want to incite fear into the applicants to get money from them. These fake agents will go to immigrant’s houses and give them fake documents and threaten them if they fail to pay money.

Scam Websites

A victim is tricked into filing immigration paperwork and fees through a fake website that has a similar look to the USCIS, which will lead applicants to believe they are on the official website. Sometimes, websites may also say that they are directly working with the USCIS. Before filling up anything on any suspicious website, ask your immigration lawyer for their opinion.

Ruby Powers Law

We specialize in immigration law and can guide you through the many avenues of the US Immigration System. We are easy to reach and are always available to provide you with expert and professional assistance in reuniting with your family in the country.


It is a sad reality that many people trick others, especially the desperate and the helpless. These are some of the most common scams that USCIS tells applicants to be aware of. The best course of action to avoid an immigration scam is to get a qualified immigration lawyer to help you.


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