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How to Avoid Online Dating Pitfalls

Despite my love of Internet dating, there are some common online dating pitfalls that people new to the online singles community should understand. That’s why this blog occasionally touches on the subject again of things to watch out for when dating over the computer because it needs reiteration every once in a while.

You want to find love on the World Wide Web to make your life richer and fuller, and the last thing you need is to add pain, emotional stress, and heartache because of a bad Internet date.

Getting a Date

According to popular blog Confidence with Dating there are common errors people when trying to attract people online. There are certain rookie mistakes many people make when filling out their profile and post their profile picture. Listen to these ideas and you’re likely to attract more date prospects.

Write a Good Profile

Profiles need to be certain things. A profile can’t be too short (jot a few sentences) and can’t be too long (they stop reading, you sound boring). Write a profile that is about three normal-sized paragraphs long. This gives you time to make a nice sketch of yourself, without giving too many details.

“Character sketch” is the term you should remember. You don’t want to give every detail of your life. You want a snapshot, not a scrapbook, here. Mention a few interests or hobbies. Add a little humor, but don’t be tasteless or provocative. Be an individual. Be unique, without trying to be shocking. Be charming. Always leave them wanting more.

When you write your dating profile, re-read the profile at least twice. Make any spelling or grammatical corrections, and get rid of the typos. Ask yourself a few questions. “Is this too cliched?” “Does it present me in a positive light?” “Does it portray the real me at all?”

Be Yourself – Avoid Details

Be yourself and be honest, but don’t be too honest. That is, don’t give too many details about yourself. A good example of what not-to-do is to say something like, “I’m just coming through a bitter divorce and I’m an emotional wreck.” You don’t want people to pity you. You don’t want people thinking you are bitter and jaded with the whole scene. That isn’t attractive.

Show the attractive side of your personality, then discuss the background when you get to know one another better – and you have affection for one another. That way, the “bitter breakup guy” isn’t the first impression you make.

Another reason to avoid too many personal details is that there are people who search for personal information on dating sites to use against a person, such as identity thieves, scam artists, and online singles pickup artists. Get to know people before you give them your full name, and by all means do not give a home address or phone number. Let all contacts be through the safety net of the online dating website. Most reputable e-dating sites have an anonymous email contact interface, so you don’t have to reveal too much.

First Contact – Be Honest, Yet Upbeat

Once again, in your initial contact emails, be short, upbeat, and honest. You might find it difficult to be upbeat and honest at the same time, but it’s an email conversation, so you have plenty of time to edit your thoughts. Internet singles are like singles anywhere else: they want someone who is going to uplift their life, not drag them down in their cares and worries. You want to be seen as an asset, not a liability.

Don’t write a book in your first contact emails. That comes off as desperate and pandering, as if you have a need for this person to like you. Be short and sweet.

As I said before, online dating can be the freshest and fastest way to join in the dating game, but keep these tips in mind to save yourself a whole lot of time and unnecessary stress.

An important part of dating is communicating. We communicate by sharing our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We enjoy being with someone when we have an easy time communicating or when we have a lot to talk about.
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