How to be a good freelancer with these tips

How to be a good freelancer with these tips

So many people around the world choose to freelance as a full time or part time job to increase the flexibility of work and more importantly to increase their income. Usually, people think that freelancing is nothing else than sitting on your computer table at home and you can start working.

The actual picture behind it is very different. Freelancing is not an easy task at all; becoming a freelancer requires a lot of effort and a lot of patience. You have to look around everywhere, talk to so many people, share your work, after all, that hustle you are able to get appropriate work.

Those people who are completely unaware from freelancing have to figure out many things on their own. It is very important to know and understand the basics about freelancing, as honestly speaking, is not an easy job to do. It demands a great time and effort to become a freelancer.

This article will explain some of the steps that will help the beginners to become a successful freelancer and become a part of the freelance community by simply following some important steps. These steps are as:

1)     Define your goals or services

Before getting into freelancing, it is important to know about your skills, and make it clear to yourself first, about what your services you will provide people. This will make easier for you to create a good profile as a freelancer.

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The best way to point out your skills is by writing them on a notebook and then do proper research on it, afterward make sure to yourself whether you can provide that service or you can work for that service efficiently or not.

2)     Find a niche

Clearly, there are many competitors in your industry, so you must go for something unique and profitable. There are so many people with lower cost living so this will be a great idea to target those people by setting your prices low at the beginning.

This will automatically generate buyers to you on what you are offering in a relevant niche. This trick is definitely of more worth for beginners. By finding a profitable niche, you are actively seeking clients and industries that value quality. This will completely change the way in which you sell your services.

3)     Identify your target clients

After defining a niche, the next step is to target audience or clients who actually are willing to do purchase from you. Attracting appropriate clients for your freelance business is an important thing. Otherwise, it will not benefit you in any way.

To attract the clients for your freelance business you must have knowledge about interests of your audience, this will help you set boundaries for your freelance business.

4)     Setting strategic prices for services

Setting the right prices for freelance business is an important thing. Although setting an hourly rate is a better idea. Make sure that you have to set your rate according to the lifestyle you want to have, at the same time it must not be too much so that people pay no attention to your profile.

5)     Create a portfolio website

A portfolio will surely win the game, having a high-quality portfolio will generate more potential clients towards you. As a portfolio expresses the impression on a client about your work, expertise,and skills,therefore, it can help you gain more potential clients.

An effective portfolio must include the following points:

  • Communicate your specialty and displays your work
  • List your contact information
  • Show your personality
  • Point out your skills, education,and

6)     Choose your first client wisely

When it comes to choosing a client, you must be careful and act wisely. As you have not sufficient time to source several clients at a time as you started your freelancing, therefore you have to select your first client by considering both the point that is, financial and portfolio building.

7)     Mention potential clients in your content

As you are going through hard times in making your name as a freelancer, therefore a small trick will help you. Try to mention most famous brands, industries or companies in your content that will automatically increase your visibility as a freelancer.

8)     Learn to pitch yourself

To become a prominent and successful freelancer there is a need to learn how to pitch yourself. No matter how much skilled or professional you are if you can change your audience into paying clients, then this is the only way to become a successful freelancer.

9)     Do not mix your day job priorities with freelancing

Now, this is something very important to discuss before starting freelancing or becoming a freelancer. If you already have a job then that one must be your first priority rather than your freelance job. As freelancing is a type of part-time job so one must not emphasize it or do not even make it at first priority.


This article describes some of the ways that can help a person to become a successful freelancer. As becoming a freelancer is not an easy task,therefore, proper knowledge and understanding are necessary before starting it. The step discussed in the article will help the beginners in a proper way to start freelancing at first place.