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How To Be A Whisky Expert


Starting to see whiskey beyond a party go-to drink? It may seem intimidating seeing the different selection of blends in this category, but we’ve got your back. Exploring the various blends will definitely familiarise yourself with what’s out there. We’ve put together a comprehensive article to help you know how to identify the cream of the crop. Let’s get started!


We’re starting to notice a trend in Japanese whiskies in recent years. Inspired by the Scotch whiskey, Japanese distillers have mastered crafted whiskey into their own individual style. They’ve created a masterful, smooth, and fruity whisky that’s great for any taste. If you’re not a fan of Bourbon or Scotch, Japanese whiskey is for you. It’s a simple drink that still holds character.

We love Hibiki 12, and we think you would too. You’ll notice that this well-rounded, aged blend delivers a delicious creamy and fruity flavor profile. This represents everything good about Japanese whiskey, and you can’t go wrong with a bottle of this. And if you want to shop japanese whisky singapore, simply check out various online shops!


Similar to many American whiskies, this delectably smooth, sweet liquor is known to mature faster. They’re generally younger than Scotches, due to high humidity. Bourbon is also a great starter choice for those new to whisky too.

We recommend trying the brand Wild Turkey 101 if you’re looking to snag a bottle of bourbon. This amazing blend has a 50% alcohol by volume content (ABV) and contains sweet toffee and vanilla notes. This scores well on all aspects and is guaranteed to mix great drinks.

American Whiskey

With the exception of mass-produced bourbon, you’ll notice that the market has a diverse selection of American whiskies. The majority are sweet, but if you’re a fan of robust whiskey flavors that pack a punch, keep an eye out for craft types of whiskies. They’re great for anyone looking to explore the different ends of the whisky spectrum.

Give Balcones Baby Blue a go for significant toffee and woody notes, especially if you’re trying to explore a blend beyond the typical sweetness.


In recent years, Irish Whiskey seems to be a trending blend. Creators have begun to explore various flavors, prioritizing creating flavor-type of personas to appeal to whiskey lovers. It’s an amazing drink for parties or a relaxing night out due to its smooth and well-balanced flavor.

A brand we know you would love would be Jameson Caskmates. Just like a classic Jameson, only matured more to produce a fruity and malty taste.


This stuff is for avid whiskey fans constantly on the lookout to try something new. It’s a versatile drink that many craft producers are attempting to branch into different flavor profiles and styles. Although you might have to work hard to explore the Canadian Whiskey market, it’ll pay off.

Dillon’s Rye is a highly recommended drink that offers warm, woody, and spicy notes. You might even taste some licorice in there too.


You might have heard Islay for having punchy, large, and strong whiskies, but they actually have a diverse range of blends that vary in peat levels. If you’re serious about your peat in whiskies, Islay should be your go-to.

A classic Islay whiskey to try would be the Laphroaig 10, which will convert anyone into a whiskey enthusiast. It’s known for its aromatic, peaty, sweet, and medicinal undertones too.



This is a basic whiskey that can be enjoyed in many different recipes. Popular for its strong and fruit flavor, it’s a well-rounded drink that the masses enjoy. It’s the simplest whiskey to drink and houses many iconic names such as Glenfiddich, Aberlour, Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, and more. It’s definitely worth exploring this selection.

A well-rounded range to try would be Craigellachie, although if you’d like to settle on one, get Craigellachie 13. This range is known for its savory and sulfuric flavor thanks to its vintage method of condensing the spirits in worm tubs. If you’re feeling adventurous, give this one a go.


A very underrated whiskey that’s slightly similar to the Irish blend. It offers depth, while at the same time producing softer styles. If you’re trying to start on Scotch, Lowlands is a good choice, to begin with.

You should really try Alisa Bay for its sweet, smoky, fruity, and gentle flavor profile. Fun fact: it was the first brand to use ‘SPPM’, or ‘sweet parts per million’ to categorize its taste profile.


In India, distillers do not have to face many regulations as compared to Scotland when it comes to producing whiskies. In fact, India’s a huge consumer of whiskey. However, there are some that are more akin to rum than whiskey due to the fact that distillers use molasses. It’s great for anyone to try — keep an open mind and appreciate the incredibly crafted whiskies made in India.

We recommend Paul John Peated for this category. It’s reviewed to be a brilliant whiskey with a diverse flavor profile, making it one-of-a-kind. It’s the peak of how whiskey can be done when crafted expertly.

Blended Scotch

This category makes the majority of the whiskey consumed all over the globe. They are the frontrunners of the whiskey industry, gifting us the brilliance of single malt. A single malt Scotch is essentially a mix of whiskies from a single distillery while a blended Scotch is made up of whiskies from different distilleries, including grain whiskies. It’s mastered blending different flavor profiles together to create cohesive styles. This is a great whiskey for everyone.

Try an absolute classic blended Scotch brand; the Chivas Regal 12. Chivas is said to have about 85 individual flavors; as identified by master blenders.



We hope this has helped iron out the complexities of the Whiskey world, and that it has inspired you to explore the various blends. Ranging from Bourbon, American, Irish, Canadian, Islay, Speyside, Lowlands, Indians, Blended Scotch to Japanese whiskies, it is tough to claim that all whiskies are essentially the same. In fact, they might impact the drinks you make with it as well. One thing’s for sure, you’re never going to taste whiskey the same anymore.

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