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How to Beautify Your House Without Major Renovations?

We all love to stay in a dream home, which is cozy and well-decorated. There are many out there who can do the renovations themselves, but updating your home requires a lot of creativity, energy, and knowledge. 

In case you are one of them who do not have any of the above, you can hire experts to do it for you. But, then, that might turn out to be a costly endeavor. Anyone who has been part of any major home renovation can vouch on the unforeseen costs and the enormous mess that it involves.

So, how can you beautify your home, bypassing the significant renovations? Let's help you with some tips. Simple changes like changing the décor of the room, or using brick slip tiles, or creating an outdoor space can make a lot of difference.

Tips for Renovating a House Without Significant Renovations

1. Create an Open Space in Your Home

You can create a free space in your home even without tearing down any of the walls. It can be as simple as getting rid of the larger, bulkier pieces of furniture, or by shifting some of the furnishings in the room to check the placement which gives maximum open space. In case you are attached to any of the enormous armoires which are causing place congestion, consider painting it with an off-white color which looks warm, and givens an illusion of nonexistence in the room.

Mirrors can also be handy when places strategically – place them opposite windows, and it will reflect light into the room, giving it a more spacious feel. 

2. Change Home’s Lighting

A room is poorly lit looks clumsy, dark, small and cramped. Whereas a place which is brightly lit it gives a spacious, aerated, and warm feel. There are many ways in which you can provide a bright look and feel to your home. And some of them are as easy methods are as simple as buying table lamps or floor lamps.

Next is the placement of these lamps – when you place floor lamps in dark corners, it gives a bright and well-lit feel. And when you layer this lighting with lamps on side tables, you can make the room feel cozier.

You can also get ceiling fixtures upgraded with the help of an electrician.

3. Change Tiles

Using brick slip tiles for you're the interior walls take up less space, and gives your room more space at a reasonable cost. They are durable, and they are available in various shapes and textures. And when you apply these tiles to the exterior wall of your home, due to the reduced thickness, the original detailing of the doors and windows is maintained. Thus, you do not have to make any adjustment to them and still give a new look to the house.

Tiling contractors Essex can get the tiles installed for you and give a new spacious look to your home.

4. Cabinetries – Pulls and Handles

Nothing gives a dull look to your kitchen and bathrooms more than worn, dirty, and outdated cabinetries’ handle pulls and knobs. 

You can change them quickly and at a reasonable cost. There are a plethora of options available such as aged copper, bronze, shiny stainless, etc. to choose from. And the best thing is you can have a mix and blend of more than one type. 

5. Outdoor Room

You want to beautify your home, have you looked outside? The backyard often has unused space, which if done nicely, can be the best hangout place in your entire home.

Start creating an incredible outdoor space with an outdoor rug which marks the outdoors as "room." Next, add a few comfortable furniture and throw cushions, create a small fire pit, and install some lightings.

If you can invest a bit more and have a spacious outdoor, you can install a pergola, drape with curtains, and bring in some wine and music to enjoy. 

Some also convert their patio into an outdoor kitchen – this way, they get one spare room inside the house and also create an inviting space for gatherings.

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