How to Become a Better Seller


Succeeding as salesperson has been an age-old challenge for many folks entering the field. And for those with little experience, it can be downright daunting. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to hone your selling skills. Take advantage of all company training plans, and have an opening or "elevator" pitch for any potential buyer. It's also essential that you dress right and exude confidence in every situation. That said, here are some actual strategies you can implement to improve your selling skills.

Always Be Training

If you want to be a great salesman, watch some of the best sellers in your company sell to their prospects. When you're just starting out, ask a few top sellers if you can go out with them on sales calls. Study how they interact with their customers, overcome objections and close sales. Take notes and make some of these learned tactics part of your sale presentations.

Listen to Prospects or Clients

You can't sell to a prospect or client if you don't know their "hot" buttons -- that is their needs, desires and concerns. That's why it's essential to listen to each client so you can uncover where their emphasis lies. Smart salespeople take the listener's standpoint from the very start of the presentation, according to Inc. And they ask questions so the clients can tell them how to best serve them. So, learn to ask questions that reveal what your prospects really want and need.

Know Your Products

As a seller, you better know every aspect about your product, including features, uses and benefits to the buyer. And when new products come out, get up to speed on them as well. Moreover, you must also know all the advantages your products have over competitive products so you can use that angle to make more difficult sales. Clients know the products, too, and can easily determine if you know what you're talking about.
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Build Relationships

It's always best to establish a rapport with a potential client before trying to sell to him. If you see that he has a similar interest like golf, ask him what his handicap is. Another approach is to comment on a unique item in the client's office, which will get him talking. This then sets a better mood for your presentation. Customers respond better when you engage with them and work to undercover their needs and desires, according to CNBC. The small talk in the beginning of a sales call is the perfect precursor before commencing you questions.

Assume the Consultant Role

Always study your prospects' business before your sales call. Learn about some of the biggest challenges he is facing. That way you can better ease into the initial sales presentation by assuming the role of consultant. Assuming the consultant role lets your client know you are working with him to solve his problems.

Always Be Upselling or Cross-Selling

Learn to sell ancillary products or services that complement the main wares your customers buy. That way you can increase both your average sales totals and commissions. If you can identify what a customer is really after, you can gear your presentation toward meeting that desire, according to Bob Phibbs, the retail doctor, and not only sell more products but make the customer happier about his purchases. These strategies work with online sales as well where you can use clickfunnels upsell software to increase your average ticket price.

Be Honest

Never make claims about your product that aren't tested or true. These lies can get back to you and ruin your reputation. Besides, clients are savvy enough about their products and industry to know when you're lying. Always take an honest approach in your dealings. If you don't the answer to a question, tell the customer you'll get back to them right away with the answer.

If you start implementing these strategies into your selling efforts, you'll be surprised at how fast you become a good or even great salesperson.