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How to Become a Preferred Freelancer?

How to Become a Preferred Freelancer?

This is the 21st century where the most expensive thing you can have and give is your time. Time is money. Everything happens at the speed of thought. There are no delays and no gaps. One mistake and you are gone. There is no room for repetition as there are no second chances. The growing importance of time and the increasing pace of doing business has led to the formation of virtual offices. Latter is the reason why freelancing as a career has become the preferred choice for many professionals around the world.

Freelancing is thus a typical baby of today’s lifestyle which has revolutionized the lives of many. It has put people on an altogether different trajectory of growth which was impossible a few decades ago.  At Freelancer, the main aim is to get the right people to meet the right people at the right time and place. Over the years it has emerged as the most trusted place which brings you the most authentic clients from across the world.

The Preferred Freelancer Program initiated by the Freelancer.com has been specially knitted for the best of breed freelancers, i.e. the ones who have exhibited an extreme level of commitment and professionalism towards their work throughout their association with clients. It is tailored to give a major boost to their career and take them to an entirely different growth league which comes with a unique set of benefits. The program presents a unique opportunity to the top freelancers to earn the badge of trust which gives an edge over others in the race.

The Must-Have Skills For A Preferred Freelancer

Let us take up each briefly:

  • 85% Project Completion Rate based on Top Skill: Top skill refers to the primary skill which a freelancer mentions on his/her profile based on their level of expertise in it. The rate of completion of projects which one has undertaken reflects a great deal about your grasping ability to assess and understand the requirements of the client in addition to respecting the professional etiquette of keeping time. These two will talk volumes about your dedication and interest in the role and your competency to take it to a higher platform.
  • 3 Projects completed on Top Skill: The freelancers who have successfully completed at least 3 projects based on their Top Skill stand a tall chance to make it through the selection criteria. It clearly shows the person is consistent in giving meaningful conclusions to the projects undertaken and is serious about work.
  • Dispute Rate less than 10%: Freelancing is not just about working well, it is also about maintaining decorum while communicating with the client. There are possibilities of various types of issues which can crop up while you are in direct conversation with the client. Thus, the professionality with which one avoids such situations and handles them adeptly if they arise will keep the dispute rate low. This can be completely avoided if one carefully understands the requirements of the client and delivers as per the commitments.
  • Star Rating: Star rating of 4.8 or higher is an apparent expression of your work ethics and expertise. Anything below 4.8 is not acceptable as far as preferred freelancer program is concerned.
  • Preferred Freelancer Exam completed: One has to complete the Preferred Freelancer Exam to pass the eligibility criteria to be included in the program. 

The X-Factor of Preferred Freelancer 

There is always something unique about a person which needs to be explored and showcased. Good and professional profiles are a great help in winning the right projects. Thus, a high-end profile goes a long way in building the right brand-value of your name. Here are a few tips which can help one get a better profile and take you one step closer to being the Preferred Freelancer.

  • Profile picture: Suave and professional. A picture is worth a thousand words and can leave a lasting impact on your employer. Thus, ensure your profile picture reflects your attitude and professionalism in right doses.
  • Description: Nobody knows you better than yourself and thus a self-description which is elaborate and yet catchy is all you need. Begin with an impact before moving on to details. Remember, it is all a game of words.
  • Portfolio: Being a professional profile, a detailed portfolio carrying all your accomplishments is a must. It is the place where you have to showcase your previous achievements and successes. This adds to the credibility of the profile and enhances your chances of being hired.
  • Key stats: There are simple layouts for the same which one has to adhere to like top 3% overall ranking in one or more skills, plus membership and even successfully finishing the Preferred Freelancer Service Agreement Exam with scores of 80% or higher. 

Benefits of being the Preferred Freelancer

It is always said if you are not living on the edge, you are occupying too much space. There is no rhythm is working within the crowds as your voice becomes drowned in the noise. There is a completely different view from the top. The Preferred Freelancer program is aimed at exactly that. It is an excellent opportunity to stand out, to be seen and experience the world from the top. The program comes with highly attractive incentives which will change your world. Here are some of the assured benefits which you drive from this:

Let us take up each of these briefly:

  • High-Value Projects: As a preferred freelancer you enter a higher stratum wherein you get access to exclusive invitations to bid on Assisted Projects which are backed by higher value. One is thus able to get direct invitations on Recruiter projects.
  • Access to Tips on Self-Improvement: The preferred freelancers will also enjoy the benefit of getting access to particular content not open to other freelancers which are highly instrumental in helping you attain greater heights.
  • High-level Sales Support: A highly professional and dedicated sales team will help you bag more and better projects. They will assist you to refine the whole process.
  • Preferred Freelancer Badge: A special Preferred Freelancer Badge will be given which will enhance your trustworthiness and profile. It will add on the to the trust score which goes a long way in getting you recruited. 


Thus, in this world of noise, being silent is seen as a rebellion. Yet what makes you different should not hold you back. There is an ocean of opportunities awaiting your dreams. Don’t fold your passions up your sleeve but let them loose. This is the right place where your words can take you places. Freelancing is not everyone’s cup of tea. One has to strike at the right moment to attain greater heights. Being a Preferred Freelancer on a global platform like Freelancer.com will not only help you win better projects but also put you above others on the credibility scale. One has to take suitable steps to enroll now to drive maximum benefits and showcase to the world the differences which place you higher than the rest.

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