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How to become a Yoga teacher

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If you are reading this article then it looks like you are interested in starting your yoga teacher training. While it may seem like a challenging task don’t worry! We have you covered! And will ensure you have your basic facts down before you embark on the beautiful journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

So how do you become a Yoga teacher?

  1. Keep in mind, yoga is not just for experts

While society and media may have you believe that yoga is for experts who can do super complex poses and have incredible bodies but that isn’t the case! Anyone with adequate will and determination can practice yoga. And you don’t need to be an expert to teach it. Yoga teaching is basically a combination of cuing and compassion; which essentially means that you will have to use your voice to empower as well as teach others how to practice yoga.

  • Choosing the ideal teacher training program

There are many yoga teacher training programs available and you will just have to judge which one will suit you best. The most common type of program is the 200 hour training program. In this program it is entirely up to you, how you want to complete your 200 hour training. The other flexible option would be to join any local training program.

On the other hand there are also options that require more time and dedication such as yoga teacher training retreats or residential retreats. Each option has own benefits and advantages, and it is up to you to choose which option would be most ideal for you.

  • Practice teaching yoga

Even though this is essentially what you are training to do, you will be surprised how many people get cold feet on their first day of teaching even after completing their yoga training. Confidence is key! Teach your significant other, your mother, your best friend etc. Once you are confident and comfortable teaching in front them you will automatically be able to teach strangers as well.

  • Making money teaching yoga

The most important question of all, how do you make money teaching yoga? This means you will have to find a studio or other place to host events where people will come to take your classes. You can even host these events at your own home if you have enough space.

Moreover you can ask permission from different institutes or business organizations to see if they will allow you to teach yoga in their premises. There is also the option of partnering up with local cafes! The options and opportunities are limitless you just have to be creative and dedicated enough. If you are still unsure on how to become a yoga teacher there are tons of free podcasts available on the internet which will definitely help put things into perspective. Not only will the information help you kick start your journey but as well as provide you with valuable tricks and tips on how to be successful in your training as well.

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