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How to become an influencer on Instagram?

If you want to go ahead and monetize your Instagram account, you should use the opportunity offered by Stories, as well as live event streaming and Instagram TV.

Another possibility offered by Instagram Stories is to be able to broadcast live. Without a doubt, this feature will bring you closer to your audience, taking the opportunity to send them good value propositions. Put yourself in your subscribers' shoes, give them interesting content !!

Instagram TV is starting to experience great success. This feature is designed to allow us to post longer, high quality videos for your fans to watch whenever they want, almost like on Youtube .


We need to answer the questions and problems of those who follow us (your followers) in order to create closeness to the community that follows us, and that must be natural. You have to have fun and take time to talk to your subscribers. Sometimes we get negative feedback and are tempted to delete it.

We should stand up when possible (there are also limits and disrespect should not be allowed), because this extra effort at this point, people who follow us will appreciate it positively. If we create a loyal community, they will defend us from potential trolls in case these negative comments are malicious.

It is necessary to have sufficient capacity to communicate to its subscribers. In addition, a good influencer should not be cold and distant, because he would lose all credibility towards his community.

Link your Facebook account to your Instagram account to bring this follower traffic to your posts.

Don't forget the location if you want to act in a specific part of the world. Place a call to action on your account, like “tag your friends” which works very well.

Make your brand's website, your YouTube channel known to your followers, your blog. The link can only go to the biography of your profile. Instagram wishes to keep as many users as possible inside the application.

Take advantage of hashtags and google trends to increase your audience.

As an influencer on Instagram, you must attract and increase your followers. There are a lot of methods and techniques to increase the instagram followers. Here is how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes for Free. 


There are influencers and advertisers there that are very helpful for both parties. When you start to exert influence on Instagram, these platforms can be very useful. Even if you are older and have thousands of followers, they will be looking for you.

Brand and celebrities

If you want more information on how to monetize your account, we will try to do an article to maximize the conversion of your Instagram account.


Reach out to other influential people in your industry and area of ​​influence. Post articles or videos for news stories or YouTube channels that you both go out to, do multiple "runs" if possible and of course whenever possible it is highly recommended to go to events where there are other influential people you can connect with.

Interesting and creative content, there is no doubt about it. However, be selective in your collaborations with other influencers in your industry and with the brands you collaborate with, and don't just become a product.

Remember that if you start to generate income, it is taxed and you have to pay the corresponding taxes to the state.

To go faster, you can also go through training to become an Instagram influencer. There are many training courses on the subject, some of which are carried out by real influencers with thousands of subscribers.

You can also draw great inspiration from marketing and certain techniques used in marketing. To increase your number of subscribers or to maximize your influence.

Also, don't forget to use other social networks like TikTok for example.

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