Monday, September 25, 2023
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How To Boost Employee Engagement?

Hiring an employee seems to be quite easier when it is compared to the efforts required to keep the same hire engaged. According to a study by Gallup, employees in most of the organisation are either disengaged or less engaged. The same can happen due to multiple reasons which can be personal and professional. 

While personal reasons are out of your control, the professional reasons are the ones that can be tamed. In this blog, we talk about the same. Let us begin as there are a lot of things that an HR should do besides using HR software to increase engagement and manage employees well. 

  • Be a good listener-

You should pay heed to whatever your employees say. Most importantly, you should not pay less attention to whatever an employee is saying just because he has less experience. Moreover, don’t just listen carelessly, make points and work upon it. For instance, when a problem is escalated to the HR, he or she should listen and ask for the solution of the same. This is the simplest way to make an employee feel cared. 

  • Appreciate the employees-

HR department should have a proper plan in place to appreciate the employees and their efforts. If an employee surpasses your expectations, they look for appreciation and not just increase in those figures. So, awarding the employees is one of the most important things to do. 

  • Make your expectations clear-

It is important to improve the way you manage employees. While an HR software can help you mark the expectations, it cannot decide the same on its own. So, make sure you are defining the goals - the KRAs and KPIs. 

  • Boost your best employees-

This tip is good two hit two sparrows with one arrow. While you are going to appreciate your best employees with more ways than one, you would be able to motivate the other employees to reach their performance level. The competition increases and thus the productivity.

  • Train them to become better at what they do-

Not all of your employees will stay in the organisation forever but why not make the best use of them while thinking of their bright future ahead? Training and workshops are an important part of the same. Support the company and the employees' individual goals by improving and honing their skills. 

  • Pay what they deserve-

No, We are not talking about the incentives and bonuses. You should pay the employees very well and on time. For the same, a payroll management software can be of great help. As using the same would process the right payroll timely. 

  • Know life-

Managers should try to create a bit of a bond on a personal level as well so that employees don’t hesitate to tell you about any professional or personal trouble. So, make sure you ask them, where they lived, what their parents do, where were they born. You can take them on outings at least once a month for such candid discussions.

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