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How to Build a Carport on a Shoestring Budget

Are you struggling to keep your vehicle in the best of condition? Is it impossible to keep the car scratch less or find a safe place to park it? If yes, then the best solution to all your car parking problems is to build a carport. A carport is not only a valuable addition to your property, but it offers excellent protection to your car against harsh weather, dirt, sun, and rain. Suppose you are worried about emptying your pockets while building a good carport. Then don't worry because we've got you covered with the following budget-friendly way to build a carport. 

1. Choose your preferred carport plans: 

First thing's first, what kind of carport do you want to build? What is your preference? Do you want to focus on the appeal or build one that's cheap and serves its purpose? Many budget-friendly DIY carport ideas will serve you in the best way. For instance, a single carport with storage is the simplest and cheapest plan you can have on your hands. However, suppose you want to go all out and have an unattached modern carport kit, the three-car carport, or the RV carport. In that case, we recommend you get a professional. Suppose you happen to be in California, where days are hot and long. Spare your car and seal a sweet deal with carport san diego ca, for a luxurious, value-for-money carport. Once you've chosen the carport plans, it's time to prepare the building site. 

2. Go for affordable building material: 

In your journey to build a carport on a tight budget, you'll be surprised to know how handy used high-quality materials can be. If you choose high-quality new material for ample space, then you'll break your bank. Your carport doesn't necessarily need to be indestructible. Any material that can provide sufficient sturdiness and strength will suffice. Good quality wood or metal will do. Even secondhand constructions that are in good condition will be an efficient addition to your carport. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you may also end up with a prefabricated used carport in okay condition. And you can do a few tweaks to make it brand new. 

3. Prep the ground for construction: 

First, ensure that your carport project is according to the regulations related to construction on residential property and that you have a permit. After that, clear the ground by removing any grass or plants with a shovel. You need to have a strong foundation for your carport, and that is why you need to ensure that the ground is flat and that there are no uneven parts in the area. It would help if you built it on the concrete ground or a pad. That way, you wouldn't need to put extra work into leveling. Also, it's better to put down a layer of crushed granite if the ground is bare. 

4. Take the correct measurements: 

After preparing the ground, take an accurate measurement of the space you'll need. Since you are going for a budget-friendly carport, ensure that you allocate space for an average-sized car. If you are going for something elaborate or with extra storage space, you'll need more material. You'll be okay with a space that's 8 to 9ft wide and around 15 to 16ft in length. So, make a rectangle with these dimensions and mark the area where you'll be putting up posts. 

5. Dig holes for posts: 

Set the dimensions and dig either four or six holes if you are going for a single carport. Usually, the post holes need to be about two to two and a half feet deep, depending on the material of the post and the soil type. You can even go further up to 4 feet if you need a stronger foundation. Use six carport poles of about 9-10 feet for better construction. Put the posts in the holes, pour concrete, and adjust them according to the roof you want. 

6. Attach the beams and rafters:

As you put down the poles, start cutting out notches for the beams. For a simple rectangular carport, secure the side beams horizontally and two supporting cross beams on the top of your corner posts. Secure the beams with the help of coach screws and make sure the side beams are resting in the housings. Next, you'll need to attach the rafters since you want a slope on one end of the roof for the water to run off. You'll need approximately six rafters for the roof, which you'll join with metal joist hangers for building the roof. 

7. Construct the roof: 

Your posts, beams, and rafters are secured. Now you need to put down the roof. Buy plywood sheets instead of metal for the roof because it's cheaper and easier to handle. It will cost you more if you use metal to build your entire carport, so choose good-quality wood to construct the roof or the combination of the two if you have to. Ensure that the roof is leakage-free, and for that, you can use three-tab shingles, tar papers, or weather sheeting if you are using plywood sheets. 



A carport is a valuable addition to your property, especially if the weather is harsh to your car. However, a carport doesn't come cheap, especially if you want to build something luxurious and grand. If you are on a tight budget but desperately need a carport, follow our DIY list of creating a super handy carport for cheap. The key is to use affordable material and build with what you have. Still, if construction is not your thing, you can also go for cheap prefabricated carports.

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