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How to build a Data Science Center of Excellence – with WDSI Funding

WDSI is on a mission to build a strong network of skilled data science professionals. For that, it has started from the roots – by enabling higher education institutions to build the right infrastructure and training teams with large institutional grants.

Educational institutions need to gear up for training the next generation of data science professionals who can develop innovative solutions, and foster collaborations to address pressing business and societal problems.
Is your university ready to train students in data science?

We take a look at why developing a data science curriculum is a must for higher education institutions, what it must constitute, and data science research grants they can apply for to develop a robust Data Science Center of Excellence (CoE) in their colleges or universities.

What Is Data Science?

Data science develops on the knowledge of computer science, statistics, mathematics, and others. While a combination of existing disciplines, it is unique in the way it unlocks mysteries, answers questions, and unravels insights in the numbers.

If we were to cite the importance of data science in three words, it would be –

Studying domains from both art and science aspects to pinpoint the right inquiry areas.

Extracting the value from data by mining the right portions.

Valuing data by using it and applying the results. For instance, forming a justification for a policy, improving revenues in a company, or tweaking the processes due to the new knowledge discovered from data.

What Data Science curriculum must include

Data science has proved its worth across disciplines – whether it be in social science research or engineering. What should be included in the curriculum and how the data science program must be designed highly depends upon the fields they are introduced in.

The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) provides subsidies in higher education for data science, and helps institutions plan and establish Data Science CoE – with their expert teams contributing knowledge partnership in curriculum and program design.

Overall, the data science programs – analyst- or engineering-focused– must exhibit a tinge of these aspects:

- Data Science introduction
- Data Science’s relevance in different fields
- Introduction to programming languages such as R, Python, and Scala, along with C and C++
- Career counseling support
- Research orientation and application on real-world problems
- Industry use cases
- End to end project completion for hands-on experience
- Webbing the applications of data science in other disciplines
- Future predictions on how data science is changing processes in different fields
- Practical and theoretical assessments

If your college or university wants to provide early exposure in data science to students, expert teams of WDSI and its institutional support can help you build a solid foundation in data science.
What do WDSI’s institutional grants offer?

WDSI is an international network of experts, professionals, universities, higher educational institutions, colleges, and young aspirants working in the field of data science.

The mission of WDSI is to help institutions train and develop a large pool of expert data science professionals. To this avail, it offers institutional grants of $300M+ on the basis of both merits and needs. Grants are used for research purposes, training students in data science, and building the CoE of data science.

WDSI Data Science Subsidies & Grants: An Overview

• Grant Amount: $300 Million
• Aimed For: Higher Educational Institutions (Colleges and Universities)
• Mission: Its goal is to build a global community of 250,000+ expert data science professionals.
• Deadline (Round 3): February 15, 2021

Can you apply for WDSI grants & subsidies?


If you are a public or private institution of higher education – college, university, technology, or business school, and wish to teach data science or develop a research base in it, you can apply for WDSI funding irrespective of your geography. WDSI institutional funding and data science research grants are available in 60+ nations across Europe, Asia-pacific, Africa, America, and Oceania & Australia.

You can apply if:

- You want to establish a data science department or start data science education. 
- You want to develop and train data science talent.
- You want to establish a Data Science Center of Excellence.
- You want to get help from experts in content and process creation.

Take your university to the highest level of data science excellence with WDSI knowledge and financial support. Apply for WDSI data science grants now! 

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