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How to Build and Manage your Dream Remote International Team

The COVID 19 pandemic wreaked havoc all over the world. There are few companies on the planet that have not been affected. This has led to increasing reliance on remote teams with members all over the world. While it is not always possible to coordinate successfully with extended international teams, this is not the case all the time. As a matter of fact, many people have built excellent organizations and businesses of their dreams. Of course, they did not do it alone. It was only possible due to their team of highly motivated employees and talented partners who pushed them onwards to achieve all of their goals.

Thanks to lightning-fast online connectivity, it is possible to hire countless app developers, virtual assistants, content writers, as well as customer support professionals. All of these people may be located in different parts of the globe and yet work as a seamless and well-coordinated team. Let us see how you too can go about creating such a dream team yourself:

  • Make Sure you Have the Right Tools for Successful Collaboration

Once you commence transitioning from a 9-5 office environment to remote management you will need the right tools to help you to communicate more effectively. This way, you are able to meet team goals. For example, there are various conferencing apps such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. All of them can help you to facilitate online communication as well as video chat meetings. Moreover, there are several project management apps including Asana or Trello that are designed to ensure that all the members of the team are on the same page. If you want to remain in touch 24/7 due to different time zones, you will have to use apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams so that everyone remains in the loop. You can even use time management tools such as Freedom or [email protected] so that everyone manages their working hours more effectively. Before you choose the tools, make sure that you are investing in the right tools that will benefit your work productivity. 

  • Bridge the Communication Gap

Yes, you can use various apps and other online collaborations to keep all the people on your team in the same loop. However, merely installing apps doesn’t automatically mean that your extended international team will be on the same page. Since your team is spread across both cultural and geographical boundaries, you will need to take innovative approaches and ensure strong communications, all across the board. Since there is little face-to-face communication, it is very important to convey your points both clearly and concisely.  Sometimes missing an email or a few chats can have really bad consequences. Similarly, if you inadvertently use the wrong tone in your message, it might be misinterpreted. Here, you can help to prevent miscommunications through the simple expedient of creating different channels for specific purposes. It’s important to not limit communication to just being about work. Engaging your team by setting up a virtual work conference or team building activity can help build team productivity. Sites like makes this so much easier by offering virtual escape games for all your team members no matter how big the team.

  • Make Sure That All of Your Communications Are Secure

Security is extremely important due to constant online threats. If you are working on-site, it is possible to take care of security via the use of an intranet or powerful anti-virus software. However, in the case of an international team that is not so easy because such a team will consist of people with different techniques and different types of online security. As with everything else, you will need a standardized online security software system to ensure that your data is always safe from hackers. Some of the types of security software that you might need include: Computer Antivirus, Network Security, Firewalls, Password Managers, Encryption Software, Monitoring Tools, etc. Since there are a lot of options for business owners and employees when it comes to protecting their data they can choose one that best fits their needs. You should take into consideration your budget, network, and device protection, at the same time how the chosen system can affect performance, so preserve resources by getting the right one!

  • PEO Services

You can use PEO (professional employment organization) services as a means of minimizing costs when building an international team. For example, an employer of record is a great way to make sure that not only are you able to recruit excellent talent, manage their payment, and do so at a very economical cost. This is because such organizations are created by professionals and for professionals.  They offer customized solutions to the most common problems regarding online international online recruitment. They offer the best possible value for money whenever you are trying to create an international dream team. You can even learn more about net worth by age to have a clear picture of money and avoid any potential problems in the future. 

  • Conclusion

While the COVID 19 pandemic has uprooted conventional business structures, it has also given a massive push to the world of online international team building. If you take care of security issues and provide a state-of-the-art communications platform, you too can create a winning team for your organization.

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