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How To Build Muscle Naturally

Everyone starts off on a lean muscle building workout program filled with enthusiasm. All it's going to take are a couple of weeks of bench presses, a couple of hundred pushups, some chin-ups and bicep curls.

Somehow it never quite works out exactly like that. The thing that the magazines don't show is the level of commitment and the real work that is required to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

It takes a plan and a program; a proven workable and reliable program. One lean muscle building workout program that I've found to work quite well is a simple but vigorous one but is has been responsible for my adding significant muscle mass and seriously reducing body fat.

A good workout is described in outline below:

Work out over a period of five days each week, emphasizing one focused workout each day as follows:

The First Day: Push-ups and pull ups.
The Second Day: Plyometrics or core workouts.
● The Third Day: Work the shoulders and arms.
● The Fourth Day: Focused upon Kempo.
● The Fifth Day: Work the legs and the back.

Spend one hour each day and take a short rest break between sets. Some thought about going to the gym, which is important to them, but later decided that there was less distraction at home.

It takes a combination of committed exercise and a good diet to allow you to build muscle naturally. You'll be constantly bombarded with advertisements for supplements, but avoid them.

Most of the supplements advertised are not needed. Many are simply scams. Building muscle naturally is your body's built-in response to the resistance demands made upon it through daily living or additional exercise.

Consult with a Professional Trainer

Building muscles naturally and effectively requires that you follow a strict exercise regimen using appropriate weights. It's important, however, that you learn how to use the weights effectively. Some think that using heavier weights for longer sets is the key to building muscle. It's not.

Weight training only once or twice each week is usually all that is needed.

Consulting with a professional trainer is an excellent idea. He or she can provide you with a sensible proven schedule that you can follow with the comfort of knowing that you will not be overworking your muscles.

Most beginning weight lifters do not appreciate the importance of adequate rest in building muscle mass naturally, giving the muscles time to repair and grow.

Muscles don't grow while you're working out. They are actually damaged slightly due to the level of resistance placed upon them. It is during the rest period that they repair themselves and grow new muscle tissue.

Working your muscles until they are exhausted could be self-defeating.

Keep a Close Watch on Diet

A proper diet will ensure that you lose excess fat and build muscle mass naturally. Your body doesn't work well without enough needed vitamins and minerals, and the demands upon your body are increased exponentially when you are exercising.

Eating properly is just as important as working out. Make sure that your diet includes lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and is devoid of unhealthy fats and sugar-laced foods.

A diet that supplies 2000 calories each day is usually sufficient for most exercisers, but that is a number that can be tailored for your specific needs, depending upon your current weight, your weight goals, and the level of training that you undertake.

One critical ingredient to a good diet that most people don't consider is water. Hydration is important to life and more important to those who are vigorously exercising. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day is prudent without exercising.

If your body is sweating for several hours each day due to vigorous exercise, then more water is needed. Make sure that you drink enough water. It's the most important component for building muscles naturally.

Add Resistance Progressively

You can add resistance to your weight-bearing exercises in two ways: increase the amount of weight, or increase the rate at which you perform the exercises.

Whichever method you choose, don't overdo it. Increase your resistance in a progressive and conservative manner. Eventually, you will build up your resistance to a formidable extent as your body grows muscle in response to the resistance increase, as you continue to build muscle naturally.

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