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How to Build Social Media Brand from Scratch?


The booming social media ecosystem has opened up exciting new opportunities for brands. Namely, they are in a solid position to reach and delight a huge audience. The only problem is that while options are abounding, so is the competition. To make it more complicated, there is a lot of ground to cover and one has to tread carefully. Finally, reputation and image are frail things: they take a lot of time to build and just one mistake to tarnish. Do not fret, though. This guide should help you steer away from pitfalls and come on top of the social game.

Strategic approach

Social media branding differs from traditional advertising. It does not revolve around sales pitches and blatant self-promotion. People go to social media platforms to get inspired, connect with others, learn something new, share their opinions with others, etc. They are eager to interact with brands that care about their wants and needs. Not only that, it is estimated that 80% of users are willing to consider purchasing products and services from brands they follow on social media.

To reap the potentially opulent benefits, you have to lay the foundations of trust and establish credibility. So, start by pondering what makes you unique. You want to set yourself apart from the rest and speak with a distinctive voice. Take your time to develop a brand persona and use it as a baseline for your strategy. Think about your values, mission and promise. Make sure to stay consistent across channels and touch points as well.

This will enable users to form positive associations with your brand and understand who you are. And rest assured that you are probably not that late to enter the field. Even in countries like Australia, 52% of small businesses do not have social media presence. Those who recognize its value, on the other hand, do not hesitate to seek help from agencies such as these specialists for brand strategy from Melbourne. They are versed in brand positioning, direction and overhaul.

Due diligence

Considering the ever-growing social media audience, major networks can serve as excellent starting points for brand building. But, the key question is who that audience is and there is no other way to figure it out that to conduct a thorough market research. Based on your findings, you will also decide what social platform makes the most sense for your brand. It is not advisable to go catch-all and spread yourself too thin, especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Once you come up with a plan, it is time to execute it. Apart from your brand’s voice, you will be using imagery, colors, articles, statuses, overall outlook, etc. How do you know these elements of your brand will fall together and yield the desired results? Well, it is a safe bet to ditch rigid formality. Embrace witty, casual, and conversational tone. At the same time, maintain a sense of professionalism. Striking this fine balance goes a long way towards cultivating trust and loyalty.


Tricks of the trade

Bear in mind that it is possible to automate various aspects of branding. Most notably, you can apply this tactic to all those tedious, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. For instance, you can streamline your content scheduling and posting via various automation tools and focus on a strategic level yourself. Just be careful not to dehumanize your brand. No amount of cutting-edge technology can replace that warm touch that people crave.

All in all, there is so much you can do to reach your goals. Ask for feedback, hold contests that reward user-generated content, and take part in discussions. Entertain with high-quality videos and share some inside, behind-the-scenes information from the company. Encourage employees to be your everyday brand ambassadors. Make the most of instant messaging features that users seem to adore. Keep up the pace with trends and remain flexible.

Put the best face forward

Social media is a powerful launching pad for brands aspiring to reach dizzying heights. To get there, do not just blabber about how great you are. Add value to the lives of consumers before asking something of them. Put a human face on your brand name. Be an active part of the conversation. Build a strong brand image and amplify your messages. Keep it unique, consistent and authentic. Remember that social media always acts as a two-way street. Like it or not, everything is changing fast and constantly in flux.

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