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How to Burglar-proof Your Commercial Property?

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Keeping your property protected is as important as running your business successfully. Every year, less than 17% of burglars get arrested. So, why not follow the adage, "Precaution is better than cure"? More so, when the chances of cure are negligible!

With the rise in the number of burglary cases happening all around, the need for proper measures, particularly for small business, has doubled. They cannot avoid taking burglar preventions.

Methods to Burglar Proof Your Commercial Property

1. Sturdy Lock

A sturdy lock will at least increase the work of a burglar and restrict the chances of burglary. According to experts, pin-cylinder lock is one of the best as it is tough to pick. Use lock which needs either a key or a knob to access, as these cannot be opened with a narrow piece of celluloid. 

The double-cylinder deadlock is another lock which burglars hate and thus as they can be opened using a key from either side. So, it becomes more difficult for burglars to get out of the building.

Additionally, you can use a bar on the back door, which is commonly used by burglars as an entrance. Windows, skylights, and other outlets are the other common burglar-entry points, so put bars there too.

2. Burglar Alarms

Alarm systems Auckland is most probably installed in every office by now. And in case not done, do it on priority! This central alarm system alerts the local authority and the private agencies once any suspicious movement is felt. 

You can get alarms which will not alert the entire neighbourhood along with the burglar himself who gets immense time to escape before the police arrive. In case you these alarms, try to install them in locations outside the building so that the miscreants get scared off before causing any harm to your property.

There is a large variety of alarm system, from motion detectors to hidden beams and automatic phone dialer.

3. Keep Lights On

Keeping the inside and outside of your office building well-lit is another simple way to keep away burglars, who prefer darkness. Try to keep the entrance points, including any outlets such as the windows flooded with light. It is also essential to use lamps which cannot be broken easily. 

Indoor lights tend to confuse the burglars as they cannot understand if anyone is still in the premise or not. Furthermore, it also makes the task of the police force easier.

4. Security Camera

One primary reason why burglars do not get caught because they cannot be recognized. So, while installing cameras, make sure that you have both hidden and unhidden cameras. The timid ones tend to run off when they see the property is protected with security camera and alarms. But, when the bolder and experienced ones know the location, they disable the cameras. For these, the hidden cameras are the best option, if not to stop burglary but at least to help the police catch them.

5. Keep Track of Keys

More than one employee can have keys to your office. But, make sure you have a strict record of key distribution. And no employee should be allowed to carry the keys with them when they leave the premise. 

You can also have a master key for both outside doors and inside offices, but that makes your property more vulnerable. So, though it might increase your responsibility, try to have more than one lock and key for the main door and the other doors.

You can also use code for identifying keys and thus only your employees will know which key is fit for which lock.

6. Use Safes

In spite of the other mentioned precautions, it is a good idea to keep your valuables in a safe which acts as a double protection layer. Some suggest to keep the safe near the front of the store, to make sure that suspicious activity is visible from the street too. And also use massive metal window screens and doorway gratings to protect cases.

It is always safe to bank the extra cash at the end of the day, instead of keeping them in the store itself. 

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