Monday, October 2, 2023
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How to Buy E-Textbooks

How to Buy E-Textbooks

Most college and university classes require their students to purchase a textbook. Some students may choose to purchase a traditional, hardcover textbook from their campus bookstore. Did you know there was another option to purchase a textbook for your class? As technology makes our lives easier and more convenient, there is now an option to buy textbooks in an electronic form.

What is an E-Textbook?

An E-Textbook is a shortened term for the electronic textbook. Identical to the standard textbook in content and authorship, instead of being printed out on paper in a printing house, electronic textbooks are digitally saved to a file on a computer. These books can be accessed online by any student who purchases the book from a bookstore website on the internet. The e-textbook can then be viewed on a tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop, any device that has access to the internet.

How to Buy E-Textbooks

Buying an electronic textbook is quite simple. Below are the five steps required to successfully purchase an e-textbook.

  1. Connect to an online bookstore website. One user-friendly website is
  2. Once on the website, find and price out the textbook you need for your class. You can search by title, subject or ISBN number.
  3. After finding your books, click on the buy button

to place the book in your shopping cart.

  1. As soon as you have purchased all the electronic books you need, click on the checkout button.
  2. In checkout, enter your contact information and payment information. Then buy textbooks by clicking on confirm payment. When your payment is received by the site, you will be given a link to access your new e-textbook anytime you need to.

Buying e-books are a quick and easy process. You can buy all the books for all the books for all your classes in just a few minutes. You can also purchase your books anywhere you have access to the internet. Such as your dorm, apartment, wifi cafe or university or public library. You do not have to get in your car or walk to your college bookstore.

Benefits of an E-Textbooks

First of all, in general, most college level books have over one hundred pages and are bulky to carry from class to class. This means if you are taking five classes on one day, you have to lug around five heavy books. No more back-breaking backpack! With electronic books, all five of your e-books are stored on the internet and are easily accessed via the internet. Instead of five large books to carry, you only need to bring your electric device, nothing else.

A second benefit to an e-book is saving the environment. There is not any need to cut down valuable trees for the paper to make the book. Also, at the end of the classes, your books will not be thrown in the trash and fill up a landfill. When you buy an e-book from your dorm, you do not need to operate your car and save on fossil fuel emissions hurting the earth's atmosphere.

The third benefit of an e-textbook is not losing it. Many a textbook has been misplaced under a bed or a closet. Worse yet is leaving a book in class or in a friend's dorm. With an electronic textbook, even if you misplace your laptop or your desktop computer is not working, you can still go to the library and read your e-textbook for your next class. You will always have access to the material you are studying and will not become behind in any of your classes.

Are all Books for all College Classes Saved in Electronic Form?

In this tech-savvy world, books are saved in a digital form almost all of the time. Many times a textbook is created and saved electronically before they are published. There may be a small chance that the book you need for your class will only be produced paper format. This is highly unlucky, and carries over 420,000 titles, with new titles added frequently.

In conclusion, buying an electronic textbook only takes five steps. Once purchased your book can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Having a backache from a heavy backpack will be a thing of the past. Plus you will have a good feeling knowing you have helped out the planet and the peace of mind of knowing where your textbook is at all times. Visit BooksRun today and buy an e-textbook today.

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