How to buy things online and not miss


How often do you have to return clothes to online stores because of the wrong size. Learn how to choose clothes when ordering online and how to avoid returns.


If you buy things from an online store, you can put together a collection of cool clothes and not empty your wallet too much, but there is one problem - you buy things without seeing them and without being able to try on. It is logical that in such a situation, the purchased things may not suit you, and your money will simply be lost. Here are some tips to help you avoid this dire situation. When you buy things from online stores, no one can guarantee that the clothes will fit perfectly, but you are quite aware of the risks. It is also not a fact that after reading the post, you will always buy clothes only by size, but here it all depends on your attentiveness and, to some extent, luck.

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Find out your parameters and keep them close at hand

 The first and most important thing to do is to find out exactly your parameters. If you have an accurate idea of ​​the size, instead of "big" or "at the waist 42", you will know exactly what will suit you.

Remember, size 42 in one company may well turn out to be 44 in another. Different designers and brands deliberately confuse customers, and even though the size of clothes is calculated in centimeters according to the half-girth of the chest or the length of the inner seam (for jeans), it will still differ from brand to brand. And this is not to mention foreign clothing sizes that are very different from Russian ones.

Therefore, the best way not to be mistaken is not to rely on the indicated sizes from different companies, but to make your own measurements.

Almost every well-known brand can find a table of size matching and make sure that your parameters correspond to them. Such tables are available not only on the official websites of brands, but also in almost any more or less large online store.

But in order to choose the right size for them, you first need to correctly measure your parameters.

How to correctly measure your parameters

 Best of all, go to the professionals. People who often take measurements know exactly what and where to measure, and how to count. In addition, while taking measurements, you will stand still and all measurements will be accurate. Where to find such people? In the atelier.

You can bring some clothes for fitting, and the specialist will take measurements from you, and maybe even write them down in a separate file so that they do not measure again every time.

If you have nothing to carry in the atelier, you can ask your family to measure your parameters. During measurements, you need to stand as naturally as possible - do not draw in your stomach and do not reach up. Remember that the accuracy of the measurement depends on whether you will be comfortable in the purchased clothes.


Here are some tips for measuring:


For men

When you measure your parameters for choosing trousers, you need to know the height, waist size and inseam. But besides this, it is also worth considering the size of the hips and the width of the pelvis (especially if you have more pronounced buttocks).

For shirts, make sure you know your chest size, sleeve length and neck size. Here you can see how different parameters are measured, as well as the size chart for Russia, USA and Europe.


For women

To choose any clothing (except pants and skirts), you need to measure the size of the chest at the most convex part and write it down.

You may also need your waist size - the place in the thinnest part of your torso. The waist is higher than the line where the jeans end, so don't measure your belly instead.

To select shirts and blouses, you need to measure the dimensions of the sleeve and neck. Although these parameters are not often indicated when sizing, they are guaranteed to come in handy along with your breast size.

More often, you will need the size of your thighs or the fullest part of the buttocks. Also, for trousers and pants, you will need an inner seam size.

Here you can see size charts, and here - how to measure body parts correctly.


Correct Magazines and Size Charts

When you know your measurements, size charts will become your best friends. It will be very easy to find yourself in the size chart and order the right thing.


It is especially important to be guided by the size chart on sites where products from a wide variety of brands are presented. See size charts for each brand you choose to order.

However, there are also sites that guarantee the identity of all sizes or sell clothes from only one manufacturer. In this case, you only need to look at the size chart once, determine your own, and order clothes without fear.

Examples of foreign online stores with fixed sizes:   Dzihic ASOS , Need Supply , StyleBop , JackThreads (Male), Mikkat Market (Female), PiperLime  (Female).

Other well-known online retailers such as Amazon , Zara  and others sell clothes in different styles from different brands and designers. This means that looking at the size charts is even more important, because otherwise you will be very surprised when, out of two pairs of pants, one will fit perfectly, and the other will hang like on a hanger.


Take notes about your purchases

Train yourself to leave notes about where you ordered, what you bought, what size and how much it suited you. Use your own note-taking app, or just create a separate file on your home computer. This habit is especially useful for those who like to experiment and often buy clothes from different designers and brands.


Over time, you will have a whole list of features from different online stores and brands, and you don't have to search for size charts and blindly shop for clothes, hoping that they will fit you. Plus, every failure will be your last - next time you'll know what size clothes are right for you.


Order tailoring online

If you prefer online orders, but at the same time things must be perfect for you in all respects, there are special online services that offer individual tailoring. For example, Custom Shirt , Virtual Tailor and others.


Find a good tailor shop

No matter how accurately you choose the size, the features of the figure can negate all your efforts. Therefore, it is best to find a good tailor shop for yourself and become a regular customer at a tailor.

Knowing your size and features of the figure, the master will be able to adjust all things so that they fit perfectly. In addition, if you don’t guess with some things, you don’t have to return them and order a new size (which is especially time consuming and expensive if you buy from foreign online stores).

So, if you accurately measure your parameters, make yourself a list of online stores that you can trust and, just in case, stock up on the phone of the nearest atelier, every thing will fit perfectly.In addition to buying things online, if you are a music lover and looking for a site to download mp3 songs for free, you can free download mp3 juice and access a whole range of mp3 songs in the best quality.