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How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

If you want to acquire gift cards, then none is better than the Amazon gift card balance. Even, Walmart tries its best to resemble Amazon in this section. Basically, Amazon gift card provides the buyer with extra opportunity and rewards to receive the high-grade products of Amazon at regular or lower prices. Some folks are oblivious about the existence of balance in their Amazon gift card.

Discovering Amazon Gift Card Balance:

It's not frustrating, to discover the balance in your Amazon gift card. But, the fact is this, most people didn't identify how to check their balance in it? (When their card is valid) It is a simple procedure, which I'll explain to you in easy words. If you will apply these steps in your actual life, I assured that you will not found any difficulty in checking your balance in Amazon gift card, till now.

Plato Guide - Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

  • Step I: Visit Amazon's Official Website According To Your Region

The first step begins with visiting Amazon's official website, ie For the people outside of America, have to apply for their regional domain like (Australia). After browsing according to your country, you can have the relevant Amazon homepage open in front of you.

NOTE: Don't follow the external URL, only apply the one which your country owns in Amazon.

  • Step 2: Login or Create Account at Amazon

It is not a huge milestone, in creating an account in retailer’s website, if you don't possess it. Once you have your appropriate Amazon website, according to your country, the homepage section would be visible to you with "login/create a new account". If you already own an account at Amazon, then email and password are required for simple login. Otherwise, you have to create the new one with username, email and unique password.

  • Step 3: Further Begin With My Account

There are two situations after you sign in your account at Amazon. Remember the password of the account, will helps browser to always show the page which visited lastly. Otherwise, "not remember now" means that you have to every now and then have to sign in for the account. I'll recommend clicking "remember" the account if you have a personal device for only your usage.

After having the account, proceed to your account for the details of check Amazon gift card balance.

  • Step 4: Proceed to Gift Cards Section

When you have all the information about the account, then the Amazon wallet section would be right there in your account. This is the source from where you get access to the gift card and payment procedures.

Most of the people while searching for their balance in the gift card, apply the payment procedures instead of a gift card, which further raise the confusions towards them.

  • Step 5: Proceed to Gift Card Section

When you proceed to the gift card section. Your gift card balance would appear to you in bold characters. Moreover, it gives information about the gift card activity like date, description and amount.

Moreover, under your balance, there are two options of reloading and redeeming your gift card. When you click at redeeming, it will proceed further and ask you the claim code. After entering the claim code, click at "apply to your balance". In this way, you can redeem a gift card.

For reloading your gift card for Amazon. Click at "reloading" below your balance. It will move to another page, which will ask the following details from you like amount and payment method for reloading balance. Always remember for payment method, PayPal and American Express is very reliable and suitable at Amazon.

Hence, this is the procedure, which will help you to check your gift card balance in Amazon.

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