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How to Check Someone’s Likes on Instagram

Followers on Instagram comment on the shared posts, stories, and reels and click on the “Like” button as a positive reaction. Earlier, it was possible to track the likes of an Instagram user you follow. However, due to some privacy concerns, the Instagram app changed its policy and preferred to hide likes. 

From checking the followers, posts, and comments to using a third-party Instagram viewer, there are many methods for discreet Instagram monitoring. 

Methods to See Likes of an Instagram Account 

Some Instagram users do not hide their profiles and have a public account, while others prefer a private account with a smaller circle. Both profiles prevent you from seeing their Instagram likes directly. However, there are ways to view and save Instagram activities without revealing your identity.

How to Check Likes on Instagram 

Thanks to the rapid growth of interactive advancements today, it is possible to monitor someone’s social media without them knowing. Below are the top 5 solutions on how to check likes on Instagram remotely.

1. How to View Someone's Likes on Instagram by Checking the Following List 100

Our first solution for keeping tabs on someone's Instagram activity is going through their following names and pages. This will grant you access to the Instagram accounts where they may have dropped a comment or a like. 

You can have access to the user’s following list only if you are a follower or only if the account is a public profile. If not, you may use a social media tracker app (for example, uMobix) and view the posts, stories, or reels they liked in full stealth mode. As a follower of the Instagram account, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Log in to your Instagram account and find the user you want to track 
  • Go to their profile and click on the “Following”
  • Check the names and pages the person follows 
  • Go through the posts shared on those profiles and see if they’ve liked any

By following the same accounts on the platform, you can see the name of the user under the posts’ “Liked by” section whenever new online content is shared.

2. How to Check Someone’s Likes on Instagram Through Posts, Reels, and Stories 

Another way to see what posts and stories someone likes on Instagram is to check the social media content shared by the following pages. As stated above, following the same profiles makes it easier for you to see their names under the Instagram posts.

If the Instagram profile is open to all users, you can easily get access to the following people. However, if it is a private account and you are not an Instagram follower of the page, you can see their Instagram likes via an Insta viewer. Here's how to how to check likes on Insta if the account is private:

  1. Sign up with a private Instagram viewer (for example, Glassagram).
  2. Purchase a subscription.
  3. Enter the target IG username. Syncing the data may take some time, and usually, it’s longer for private accounts (about a week or so).
  4. View all data gathered on an online dashboard - likes, following, followers, posts, stories, etc. - all anonymously and without having an account on IG.

3. How to Find Who Liked an Instagram Post or Comment

Instagram users can like the posts of an account or drop a heart below the comments they appreciate. This automatically puts their name in the “Liked by” section, and this information is open to everyone following or having access to the same Instagram page.

If you do not have access to the following list of user, it is best to stalk their friends’ profiles and check the common Instagram pages and posts they may share. To view the Instagram likes of a post or comment:

  • Sign in to your Instagram profile
  • Find the post or comment you want to check
  • For the posts, tap the “Liked by” section to get the full list of accounts that may include that person’s name 
  • For the comments, click on “View all comments”, “…. likes”, and see if they’ve liked any

4. How to See When Someone Was Active on Instagram 

Instagram is not only used for sharing pictures and videos, but it also enables users to chat with each other via Direct messages. These conversations allow you to check the active status of the user and track their last seen.

To benefit from this feature, you should have exchanged some messages before and need to have the “Activity Status” on in both your and other user’s account settings on the app. To see when someone was active on Instagram:

  • Click on the Message icon and go to DMs in your Instagram account
  • Tap the chat of the person you want to check
  • Look at the top of the page, next to the user’s name, and see if they are active now (they may turn off “Activity status” and you won’t be able to see it)

5. How to Check Likes on Instagram with a Social Media Tracker App 

Social media trackers grant users full access to Instagram accounts and let them remotely monitor posts, comments, and likes of an account without being detected. These spyware tools do not require you to have an Instagram account and provide an easy investigation with richer functions.

Hidden Insta viewers reveal the private Instagram profiles hiding likes and grants access to the DMs. You can view sent/received/deleted messages and media files in chats, read comments, check likes, and snoop into all shared Instagram stories and posts from your user dashboard through real-time social media tracking.

Final Verdict on How to View Likes of an Instagram Account 

Our brief guide on how to check someone’s likes on Instagram sheds light on the best Instagram tricks for stalking Instagram likes. It is for sure that either as a follower, through a third party, or via smart Instagram tips, you can collect information about someone’s public and private social media accounts. However, no matter which method you prefer, always make sure you preserve your anonymity and protect your data.

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