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How to Choose a Dog Daycare for Your Pooch

Your dog is more than a canine companion. It is your best friend! This furry pooch is also a part of your family. Hence, when you go to work every day or go away on business for a week, you don’t want to leave your dog alone. A dog daycare is the best option for a busy pet mum or dad who doesn’t want to leave their fur babies alone. However, you want the best facility who will show genuine care and concern. You need to find a team that you can trust. To help you out, we’ve compiled the best tips to help you look for a doggy daycare facility so you’ll feel comfy enrolling your beloved pooch:

Tour the Center

Before making a commitment, ask the owner for a tour so you can see the immediate environment where your dog will be spending time. Of course, you want a place that’s sanitized and squeaky clean. More importantly, you want to assess safety features like proper fencing that’s sturdy and high enough to prevent any pooch from escaping. Ideally, the facility will have proper gating, so the dog can get used to the place before being mixed with other dogs. Finally, ventilation matters because you want your dog to breathe fresh air. 

Evaluate Staff Interaction

While you’re there, take a look at how the team interacts with the dogs. What is their demeanour like? You want happy workers who love animals. Someone that genuinely enjoys the job will do well. As a result, you can feel secure and confident that your dog will get the attention, care, and protection you want for your little family member. You also need to check the ratio of workers to dogs. The standard is one individual to fifteen dogs. If the facility has less, it would be better. 

Assess Dog Groupings

You need to ascertain if the dogs are separated in the right manner, especially if it is a large dog daycare. Facilities must have provisions for separating big dogs and small dogs. It provides an added measure of protection to ensure that small pups do not get hurt in routine play. The daycare facility has four walls, and it can affect everything as dogs cannot just run away when they feel threatened. 

Check Daily Activities

Ask about activities that your dog will do while it is there all day. Will they conduct fun playgroup activities? Will they do some sort of training? Some facilities offer these services to ensure that your pup remains in its best behaviour as it interacts with other canines. 

Ask About Specific Policies

Inquire if the centre has a toy policy. Some dogs become aggressive when they protect their own toys. You need to inquire about this, especially if you have a sensitive pooch that gets territorial. Additionally, check what kind of dog treats and food they give. Maybe your beloved dog has dietary requirements. Finally, ask if they have boarding options for those times that you need to go out of town. Your dog will feel more comfortable sleeping there!

Peruse Online Reviews

After narrowing down your prospects, check online reviews. In this day and age of the internet, you can look at real-life comments from clients. Go with a facility that has tons of great testimonials. Of course, you only want the best for your fur baby!

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