Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How to choose a good home stager?

If you're selling a home, it's important to stage it before showing it to potential buyers. Home staging is the process of depersonalizing your home by rearranging or adding furniture to make it attractive to others. To do this, you'll need a top Atlanta home staging expert by your side. To make sure you get the right help you need, learn how to choose the right home scenario with our guide. In this way, you can find a house staging company with a good reputation, work ethic, and hold on to the real estate market in your area.


1. Get background information

First, you need to make sure that the home staging company you're considering has a solid amount of experience in your portfolio. Ask the company questions, such as how long they've been in business, as well as what kind of training they have. Don't choose a home scenario just because they're cheap. If you want the best results, you need to look for a staging company that has a strong track record with customers, even if that means paying higher prices.


2. The importance of experience

You should know that the profession of home stager is not regulated and that there is no official diploma or certificate in France.

Also, to surf on the media coverage of the profession, some improvise home stager. Others follow a training course of a few hours or a few days: Even if the home staging training center is old, this is in no way a guarantee of the quality of the teaching and therefore of the future home stager.

To select a home staging expert, the indisputable element is the field experience: the references and results of the home stager. This experience must be recognized locally, with satisfied clients and often regular partnerships with real estate agents.

If the home staging business is starting up (home staging being a rapidly developing profession), the only guarantee of quality is that it is part of one of the two home staging networks recognized in France. Indeed, they select their members, train them and give them the benefit of their methods and experiences.


3. What solution proposed?

A good home stager will not offer several options (from a simple audit to the total renovation of the home) depending on the client's budget. He will only offer one and only one solution: one which will allow the seller and / or the real estate agent to sell under the best possible conditions of time and price.

This home staging solution involves valuing what already exists without doing any work, or even refreshing it in strategic places. It must be quick to implement, qualitative and above all economically consistent. The cost can also be fully supported by the real estate agent depending on the partnerships formed by the home stagiest.

In his home staging solution, the expert lends furniture and accessories to the owner, in order to avoid spending money, in addition to equipment that will become useless once the home is sold.

Finally, a good home stager automatically includes a professional-grade photography solution. Because, above all, image is fundamental in a successful marketing strategy.

Here are the main criteria for choosing a home staging professional. Then, it remains to be seen if "the current is going well" with the successful candidate, because there can be no good collaboration without trust.

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