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How to Choose a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in Nepal?

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Yoga training is the way to bring your yogic practice a level up turning it into a more advanced one. Doing the same amidst the quaint setting of an ancient country like Nepal enhances the overall practice and experience. Read the article and know how to choose the Hatha Yoga Training Program in the birth land of Buddha.

Submerge deeper to unravel the mystical layers of the ancient science of life, yoga training is a transformative journey of the body, mind, and soul. Commence the voyage with the classical form of yoga to understand the holistic art with authenticity, perfection, and diligence in the lap of the Himalayas in Nepal. Yoga and Nepal are inseparable; the birth land of Buddha is a renowned ancient realm of yogic science.

Encircled with the breathtaking snow-clad Himalayan Mountains and mesmeric lakes, Nepal is one quintessential land of pristine nature that sets the perfect ambiance for a yoga practice. Yoga teacher training in Nepal is surely an ineffable experience that one cherishes for life. Along with that, yoga holidays in Nepal are also the way to rejuvenate and revive.

Here are the points that help you to choose Hatha yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Set the Intention

Yoga teacher training is an intense course and every individual comes to fulfill their own particular goal, and surely gets the desired result with the balance of the mind, body, and soul. Before you take this next big step in your yogic voyage and clear the intention of why you’re joining the program.

Into a Sheer Magnificence

The paradisiacal land of Nepal has so much to offer, and for yoga training, a place enchanted with serenity proves to be ideal. Find a destination with legacy and get started with the transformative expedition. Traverse to the land of lakes and beatific Himalayan trail, Pokhara is the yoga teaching hub and is renowned for yogic getaways and teacher training.

Yoga Alliance Approved

The second step is to search for the ideal yoga school or center that offers the best yoga teacher training in Nepal. Though there are a lot of renowned and traditional yoga schools in Pokhara and pan Nepal, to be fully ensured of the credibility of the center choose the one affiliated from Yoga Alliance. Also, consider the experience and reputation of the school.

Prefer Hatha Specific

Though a yoga Alliance affiliation ensures the credibility and authenticity of the program and gives the desired result. But if you’re going for the specific yoga style training program, then it is advised to prefer the school and course that majorly focuses on the chosen style, in this case, Hatha.

Under the Guidance of Professionals

Yoga teachers are the one who directs and changes the yoga practice of yours, and influences you to stick to the path of spirituality and holistic wellness. Knowing about your teachers or faculty at the yoga school during yoga training or yoga holidays in Nepal is advised. Go through the teacher’s profile and know about their experience, qualification, expert field and moreover if they’re trained specifically in Hatha Yoga.

Look for the Curriculum

A curriculum is the root and soul of the program and gives you a clearer insight into what the program would like. So before you enroll, always consider to go through the program curriculum which should be well embodied offering basic to major subjects included like Hatha yoga, adjustment and alignment, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda, knowledge of props, yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy and more.

What else they’re offering?

Yoga practice and other subjects not solely make the program an ideal one. There are lot many aspects that can make your Hatha yoga teacher training in Nepal a successful one. So make sure that you will be offered accommodation and food facility, along with workshops and excursions for a broader perspective and knowledge.

Training in Budget

Another major aspect that helps you to choose an ideal yoga training course in Nepal is to always keep an eye on the budget. Nepal being an in-expensive nation offers pocket-friendly courses and retreat programs. Choose an all-inclusive program and make the most out of the training.

Yoga training is a transformative expedition that every aspirant needs to experience for greater knowledge and spiritual enhancement.

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