How to Choose a Translation Agency for Your Business


The key to a successful business is the ability to reach your customers. Depending on what you offer and your goals, your clients can be located anywhere. By extension, the people that buy from you may not speak English. Consequently, you may need to translate information about your services and products for the benefit of these customers.

You will have to select a translation company to do it professionally. If you want to get the best deal, you will want to know how to select the right translation agency for your business. Below are some tips you should consider.

Engage an Agency that Values Quality

There are lots of linguistic companies in the market. Many of them promise to facilitate quality translation and interpretation. However, only a handful deliver on their promise. You can gauge the reliability of a translator by reading what other clients have to say about their service. Reading through customer reviews can be beneficial. Additionally, you can turn to industry experts for some clarification. Some trustworthy agencies can highlight the best translation websites for your business’s translation needs. Most of these platforms are capable of providing quality output.

Look Out for Localization Options

Localization means more than translating a business from one language to another. A comprehensive localization process ensures that traditional, cultural, and contextual nuances are considered during a translation. If a particular translation agency offers localization services, you can be sure that they have expert linguists from various cultural backgrounds.

Seek Niche-specific Expertise

A business that does it all can be a recipe for disaster. Most translators that claim to be proficient in many languages may not be capable of giving you quality translations. Additionally, some agencies do not have the expertise to transcribe technical or other specific types of content. You will want to select a company with specialists who are knowledgeable in your particular niche across different languages. Furthermore, these experts should be SEO savvy. Translators that do not understand search engine optimization will create ineffective content.


Check for 24/7 Customer Support

24/7 customer support commitment is a sign of a serious business. You can quickly contact trustworthy companies when you have a problem. Also, you are sure of getting a response within a short time. Check for 24/7 customer support claims on a website of a company you consider hiring. Make a call or email them to test the time it takes for them to respond before committing. Likewise, the more communication options available to you, the more efficient a company may be. Similarly, a business with a live chat option is most likely an efficient business.

Check for Translation Certifications

A good translation agency should have certified translators. It should also have a list of its translator’s qualifications. So, you will want to check for the top language translation certifications before committing. Working with qualified interpreters ensures that you get access to quality translations that will be accepted at state institutions, customs, medical facilities, etc., and recognized abroad.


Choosing a translation agency is simple if you know what to look out for. First, you will want to engage with an agency that values quality. You can find this out by checking what clients and industry experts say about a business. Next, a niche-specific company that offers localization services is typically a good choice.  Also, a business with 24/4 customer support and transparently displayed translation certifications is usually capable of delivering a quality output. Consider our tips and you will be able to navigate the abundance of translation providers with ease.

About the Author

Barbara Fielder is a professional writer and editor. She is an expert linguist with years of experience. For this reason, translation platforms regularly consult her and leverage her opinion.

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