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How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is a sign of decision, choice, respect, and fidelity in couples. According to the traditions, the engagement ring is given to the woman and is worn on the left hand, more precisely, on the ring finger.

Added to this, the engagement ring can be made with precious stones, the diamond being the most common stone that will give the most value to our engagement ring.

Although it is true, the materials from which they are made can be varied, the Gold to make it stands out above the rest for its qualities, beauty, and durability.

The first grade gold (18k gold) is the perfect material to choose our engagement ring. Resists damage and weather much better than other jewelry making materials.

The designs, shapes, and models have an unlimited number of options. However, there are some traditional models; they are the most demanded and the ones that can be recognized with the naked eye without a doubt. The best fake diamond rings store Luxuria has prepared a small list of the types of engagement ring that you can choose from. Let's see:

Solitaire Ring

It's the classic type. A style that remains in time, it is the one that the bride and groom choose the most.

The particularity of this type of ring is that the shapes and settings are much more easily adapted to what the customer wants, in addition to the only precious stone in the center of the circle that makes it adopt the name. The recommended material is 18k white gold; however, you can also choose the rose gold and yellow gold variation.

Half Alliance

A type of ring that combines two styles, the outer circumference is covered by a row of gemstones set with claws or on a rail. It is also known as half eternity. It is recommended that the material be 18k white gold

Trilogy or Three diamonds

This other type of ring has the peculiarity of having 3 diamonds or stones set to the outer circumference of the ring.

The size of the stones is usually the same as each other, however, there are those who prefer that the central stone can stand out a little more.

This model has a great symbology in the 3 stones: the concept of past, present, and future.

Eternity Ring

It is known as the "eternity ring" and its main characteristic is that it is set with diamonds or any precious stone along the entire external circumference of the ring. The symbolism of this type is that this shape represents perfection in eternity, absolute and indissoluble love.

Tension Ring

It is one of the types of ring that requires more demand when making it, since the setting of the solitary stone lies in the tension exerted by the two blades of the ring.

The diamond or precious stone that we use is exposed and the metal walls serve as a support. It is a fine, elegant, harmonious, and very delicate design. The perfect option for the bride who wants something modern without leaving the traditional

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