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How to Choose Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

A Bluetooth speaker which is portable is a convenient accessory for your smartphone or your laptop but finding a good one in India can be quite bothersome, especially when you look at the numerous options available in the market. Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes, designs and sizes and price range vary between a few hundred bucks and Rs. 50,000. The best way in which you can decide to buy a Bluetooth speaker is to simply go through the specifications.

While it is certainly stressful to rummage through every minute detail, what you can first do is to set a requirement target for your choice. In this article, we have listed a few factors you would like to consider before deciding the best Bluetooth speaker for you.


It is quite obvious that when the question of the speaker comes, audio is the primary feature to decide over. There are certain specifications given by some brands which mention harmonic distortion is below 1%. You should always choose a kind which this higher noise cancellation system. Also, you should keep in mind the aspect of frequency response. However, the high frequency is not very important as we cannot hear more sound more than 20 Hz. Also, the frequency level is inversely proportional to the bass sound. The lower the frequency, the louder the bass.


Battery life is should be your another key parameter. You do not want to recharge your device frequently. Speakers with a large size give you performance for more than 24 hours. The charge of your speaker will depend on the loudness operation. We recommend you to use Bluetooth speakers which use lithium-ion batteries as their performance rate is quite high.


These speakers are available in different sizes. Some are small and conical in shape while others are cylindrical. The sizes are considered for portability and packing into luggage options. But it is a given fact that the larger the speaker is, the louder is the audio quality. Also, speakers of large sizes use large batteries which give long usage purposes.


Many Bluetooth speakers do not have this parameter mentioned on their specifications. When it is switched on, the power is written in watts. Speakers with loud sound generally use 10 watts but the efficiency might not be very reliable if the size is small. More power is required when you are using your Bluetooth speaker in a large room or any outside platform.

Bluetooth version

It is important to check the version of the Bluetooth the speaker is installed with. The first version was Bluetooth v.1 which came to market many years ago. As the days pass, many updated versions are available. You should opt for a speaker with Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 versions to enjoy the latest technology.


Above everything else, keep the price range at the top of your list. As Bluetooth speakers come in different budgets according to the brands or specifications, first, decide the rate you want to spend on this device and then choose all other best features coming under that expense.


Depending on what your requirements are, these 6 tips shall definitely help you with arriving at the decision of buying the speaker. But above all, it is suggested that you check the quality and the performance before making the purchase of your best Bluetooth speaker.

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