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How to Choose Between Outside Sales and Inside Sales

The ultimate end goal of a sales job is always the same: selling your product or service. However, the path to get there can look very different.

Inside sales and outside sales are two of the most common sales jobs, but they operate quite differently. Depending on your business model and the products you sell, it’s likely that one will work much better for you than the other.

Additionally, based on personality, their approach to sales, and their skillset, some salespeople will be better at inside sales than outside sales and vice versa. Luckily, there are recruitment agencies, like Sales Talent Agency, that help companies find talent best suited for the type of sales model they’ve adopted.

Let’s break down the differences between inside sales and outside sales so you can better understand which approach may work best for your business.


What are Inside Sales?

Inside sales are done remotely and don’t require face-to-face interaction. This means that sales can be conducted over the phone, on the web, or via email. Because of this, an inside salesperson will rarely ever meet their clients in person.

This type of sales has only come to be in the past several years as technology has developed. Developing a relationship over the phone or through a webcam can be much more challenging than doing so in person, which is why inside salespeople must be excellent communicators. Inside salespeople must also be tech-savvy and have a good understanding of digital communications.

In order to make a sale, inside salespeople must do their research and find potential clients. This position involves a lot of cold calling and outreach.


What are Outside Sales?

Unlike inside sales, outside sales take place in person. This can mean door-to-door sales or setting up booths at conferences, trade shows and conventions.

Outside sales requires the salesperson to be frequently traveling. While this may be seen as a benefit to some, others can find the constant travel to be quite isolating.

This type of sales is much more traditional as it doesn’t require any technology. Because people are more familiar with outside sales, it often brings in more business than inside sales. That being said, it is also much more expensive for a business because they must pay for travel and accommodation for their salespeople.


Which Type of Sales Should My Business Implement?

Choosing between inside sales or outside sales for your business is a big decision, but it shouldn’t be too hard based on the product or service you’re selling. If you think potential customers will benefit from seeing your product in person and trying it out themselves, then outside sales will likely be a better option for you. If your product or service is intangible or doesn’t require your customers to see or hold it before purchasing, then inside sales will likely work well for you.

With advancements in technology, it is also possible to adopt a sales strategy that melds both outside sales and inside sales together. This could be structured in various ways depending on the nature of your business.

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