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How to choose ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights provide dependable illumination for any room if properly chosen. 

Also, the best bright ceiling lights for room buying may be a difficult elimination process, whether you want to put a dimmer switch in your afraid-of-the-dark daughter's bedroom or a beautiful chandelier in the kitchen. 

We teach you what to look for and what to avoid by highlighting just a handful of the hundreds of alternatives available for purchase. 

Consider the style, size, and atmosphere you want to create before opening your eyes to a fresh new place.

Types of ceiling lights

In a row lighting

Track lighting is comparable to island lighting in living room in that both forms of lighting are intended to illuminate a specific region. Track lighting, on the other hand, serves a considerably broader range of purposes. 

Track lights may be readily controlled to send light to a different defined region thanks to pivoting arms and adjustable location along a metal track (which can be a straight line, a circle, or a spiral). 

It might be tough to locate a track light that exactly complements those strangely colored components in a space because they are designed for use rather than style.


Chandeliers look best in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, where they may be observed and admired. 

There are several designs available, ranging from modest to huge and complex, and from plain crystal to ornate gold. 

A chandelier is distinguished by its numerous light sources, which often hang or stand around a center stem or a chain suspended from the ceiling.

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Pendant Lights

In contrast to a chandelier, a pendant lamp has only one light source, however the source may require more than one bulb. 

Pendant lights are typically simple in design, however ornate patterns and finishes are available for purchase. 

Pendants, due to their simplicity, are perfect for installation in foyers or corridors, where they may serve their purpose while being visually unobtrusive.

Stylish Ceiling Lights

While most homeowners desire a cohesive image for their house, changing up the décor in each area gives fascinating variation and visual stimulation. 

Your unique ceiling light style selection is totally based on aesthetic taste, and in this instance, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Many of today's most prominent styles are influenced by many design eras. We've selected a few, but browse around before making any fashion judgments.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed ceiling lighting is common in modern business buildings and households. These lights are typically seen in clusters, such as three tiny lights in a corridor. Recessed lighting in bathrooms alleviates some of the worry of water and electric shock.

Features of ceiling lights

Dimmable lights provide you more control over your environment. 

Dimming lights may help you create the appropriate atmosphere for a party, get-together, or a peaceful night in. As an extra bonus, turning off the brightest setting saves bulb life, uses less energy, and saves you money.

Swag Lights: Swag lights are suspended from the ceiling by a chain dangling from a hanging hook. This results in an attractive, sweeping appearance. 

Swaging a light fixture is also utilized if the electrical ceiling box is not in the correct place for your new light since it is easier and less expensive to drape the chain rather than move the complete electrical box.

Sloping Ceiling Adaptable: These fixtures are designed to suit sloped ceilings by having a specific housing for the light fixture, allowing the light beam to shine straight down.

Bulb Included: Including the bulb is a handy method to get everything at once. It also guarantees that you use the correct wattage for your light fixture.

LED Integrated: LED technology is integrated into these fixtures, so the LED light and fixture are one unit. While integrated lighting is easier to install, it is also more difficult to improve and maintain.

How to choose ceiling lights?

Dining Table Lights

  • On rectangular or oval tables, linear suspension or multi-light pendant solutions work nicely.
  • Square or circular tables look best with a single pendant or chandelier in the center.
  • In this case, multi-lights are also appealing: consider a circular canopy multi-light for a more dramatic impact.
  • Smaller pendants strung over the table make just as much of a statement if you like multiples.
  • When putting a fixture above a table, ensure that the width or length is at least one foot less than the whole length of the table (or 6" smaller on each side).
  • Hang between 28" and 36" from the fixture's bottom to the table's top.

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

  • In inches, measure the length of the island/table.
  • Determine the number of pendants you want and their diameters. Add them together to get the total diameter.
  • Subtract the total diameter from the island's length.
  • Increase the number of pendants by one. This accounts for the distance between each pendant and the island's ends.
  • Subtract your subtracted amount from the number of pendants.


Some light fixtures, particularly chandeliers, cannot be used with ordinary bulbs. Consider acquiring additional specialized bulbs when you make your original purchase so that changing them afterwards is a simple affair. 

Choose the wattage of your bulbs based on the size of your electrical box and how bright you want the space to appear.

Dimmer switches are an excellent way to add more brightness. You may adjust the intensity of the light with a dimmer by using the controls (a knob, switch, or remote). 

A dining room chandelier may be muted to create a romantic atmosphere for a romantic meal, whilst a flush mount hallway light can be dimmed for overnight usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick ceiling lights?

Your fixture selection should be influenced by the size of the space. To get the diameter of your ideal ceiling light, measure the width of the room in feet, double it, then add a "inches" to the end of that figure.

Which ceiling lights are preferred?

  1. Recessed Lights
  2. Chandeliers
  3. Kitchen Ceiling Lights

What to look in LED ceiling lights?

When it comes to downlights, the LED choice is a good compromise between efficiency (watts) and brightness (lumens).

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