Monday, December 11, 2023
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Shoes are a necessary item in one's wardrobe. Your outfit is incomplete without adorning a beautiful pair of shoes. There are different styles of shoes for every season. For example, in winters we wear long boots and covered shoes to protect our feet from cold and snow. In the summertime, we usually tend to keep closed shoes in the closet and choose to wearfootwear like sandals or open-toe airy flats. However, there are those shoes aswell when people with certain kinds of sensitivity, shoe allergy or foot disorder need to wear. For example, especially people who have delicate feet or who suffer from some kind of foot disorder, wear insoles. This can be a problem because sandals usually don’t come with insoles and therefore they are not recommended. You can consider Birkenstocks to choose suitable footwear.

People who have delicate feet should not buy just any type of sandals since their problem is likely to get worse. And those who use insoles should take special care and purchase sandals for insoles or that include removable insoles to incorporate their own.We want to leave you with some tips and tricksfor choosing a comfortable sandal either for walking, for work, for parties or for any occasion.

Following are some tips on how to select a comfortable pair of sandals:

Main Features That Comfortable Sandals Must Have

There are several points that we have to look at when buying comfortable sandals:

1.    Dimension

They must have a correct dimension so that the toes and the instep do not get pressed against the wall or the foot doesn’t move around in an oversized space.

The interior pieces and seams must be avoided in the design because if we have sensitive points on the feet, these pieces or seams can hurt or worse cause dreaded chafing.

For this, it is very important to see and try different models to find the one that suits you best. Go forbrands you recognize as you would know how they fit and the final result they offer you.

2.    The Material

The materials with which the sandals are made are of the utmost importance. They must have good moisture control and should adapt to your unique foot contours.

It is ideal to use both internal and external skins of the highest quality, but even more so in the internal linings, since they are the ones that are in contact with our unprotected feet.

In summer, we tend to go barefoot and wearing footwear without socks. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor materials more than ever in order to avoid injuries due to being in direct contact with the skin, since they can cause allergies or wounds.

3.    The Insoles

The inner floor on which the feet rest is fundamental. Regular insoles improve the comfort of the tread. The more cushion they have, the more comfortable they are. However, it is important that they are removable so one can replace them with custom-made ones.

There are times that although we remove regular insoles that incorporate some models, the base is still not completely smooth. Custom-made orthopedic insoles should always rest on a smooth surface so ensure the footwear has a smooth surface under the regular insoles.

4.    The Surface

The floor is an important part since itis the one that cushionsagainst the hard surface you walk on. We recommend good polyurethane soles, microporous floors, and lightweight tires.

In short, flexible floors should be as light as possible to improve walking comfort and facilitate the foot without exerting extra effort while walking.

5.    The Design

The designs are also very important so that the sandal perfectly fits the foot and doesn’t suffer any discomfort.

We recommend models with raised blades and elastic bands that adjust and do not over compress the foot especially models with Velcro which is increasingly in demand.

Waysto AdapttheInsoletothe Sandal

The reason custom insoles are beneficial is becauseof the fact that theyare made to fit so they perfectly support the base of the foot. There is a way to incorporate custom made insoles into the two types of sandals available today.

·        Sandals with Insoles

The sandals that come with regular insoles are fixed by Velcro and are attached throughout the base of the footwear. They are usually very thin, not durable and don’t last very long. As an advantage, they can be easily removed to make space for custom insoles. Custom Insoles can be refixed to the base with Velcro. The adhesive quality of Velcro ensures that the insoles don’t move or slip.

·        Sandals WithoutInsoles

There are sandals that come with insoles that are built-in which are completely covered. For them, we resort to elastic covers. Elastic covers are placed under the custom insoles to prevent them from sliding. With their help, you can enjoy perfect support.

Most Common Errors WhenBuying Sandals

Our experience when selling sandals has taught us onelesson. The customers repeat these mistakes over and over again when purchasing comfortable sandals.

First, the customer doesn’t replace the regular insoles with the custom made orthopedic insoles. Custom made insoles are made to fit and conform to the unique shape of the foot. And second, the custom-made templates are not supported on a flat surface. Therefore, if you are going to buy a sandal for your custom insole, always buy one with a smooth floor.

Who Should Not Wear Open Shoes?

There are footprints and plantar problems that necessarily require closed shoes. The consequence of not respecting this will cause further problems to your feet. So consult your doctor to make sure you can wear open heel shoes. Otherwise, it will affect your foot and can cause it to burn in summers. It's important to know if you have some kind of sun sensitivity while wearing open-toe shoes. An expert opinion from the doctor will guide you well about your foot skin. Moreover, the doctor will tell you the type of shoes you can wear without getting your feet damaged.


All in all, we must take good care of our feet in the summer with the use of sandals and open shoes. And, footwearalso protects the feet from all types of injuries. The more personalized it is, the more it helps the feet and protects us from future problems. Hopefully, with the help of the above tips, it will be easy for you to select the right type of sandals which will protect your feet and keep them in good condition.

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