How To Choose From All The Cbd Oil Vape Pens For Sale?


In this post we discuss how to pick from all the different oil vape pens for sale in the UK


CBD vape cartridges have become a very popular way to vape CBD with a number of different strains now being sold in concentrate or pure extract form. Concentrates, in particular, are the new rage of vaping CBD as they are a stronger and far purer way to vape CBD.


Most high strength vape cartridges come in a universal 510 thread that is compatible with a variety of vape batteries. The most commonly available are pre-filled CBD oil vape cartridges and require you to find a compatible vape battery. You then just attach the battery to your cartridge and instantly have yourself a vape pen. 

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There are a number of vape pens for sale in the market, however, only a few that are able to work with higher strength pure extract cartridges. This is because the pure extract or oil vape pens for sale are powerful enough to heat up and vape thicker oils. When looking these types of pens are usually referred to as a CBD oil vape pen


When Buying A Cbd Oil Vape Pen There Are A Few Things You Should Look For Or Consider: 


Vape Battery Design

In order to vape your CBD oil vape cartridge you will need to get yourself a battery to provide the power and heat the coils within the vape cartridge so you can vaporise the cold oil. The vape pen which is the type of device you will hear most associated with CBD vape oil which is basically a vape battery with a 510 thread that will screw into your type of vape cartridge. There are various ways in which these devices can be organised, as the battery can be bigger and more powerful, smaller and more discreet, or even located on the side of the chamber to make the device more compact. The route you pick depends on your own style, but I tend to find the sleek, pen-like devices the best route to go as they are discreet and easy to use.


Battery Capacity

Regardless of the type of battery you choose, the main thing to consider is the mah. The mah represents how much energy the battery can store and therefore how long it will last you per charge. Depending on how much you vape and how hot your liquid burns, you may want to consider a pen with a longer battery life. Some pens can last as long as 72 hours on one full charge, but this will depend on how much you vape and how your battery works (activated by a hit or clicked on).


Variable Voltage

Earlier models of vaporizers and vape batteries did not feature the ability to adjust the power output to the coils. However, today you can now find batteries that provide you with the option to change the power output and design your vaping experience and select the perfect temperature for each hit.




Although they are all portable there are differences in size and shape that may affect your ability to easily transport it around with you. As said, the oil vape pens for sale are super slick and easy to carry about with you ready for when you want to vape whilst still being powerful enough to heat up the thicker extract.