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How to choose Interior style as per your personality?

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When you buy a new house, getting the right interior styles is an important decision. There are several Indian styles and all of these things look exquisite if done right. But choosing the right interior style according to your personality is important.

Your personality is largely defined by your profession and your hobbies. If you are a media personality you may want a creative house. If you are a musician you may require a house that has an extra recording room. Or if you work in a corporation you may require a house that has a modern style. No matter what style you require, you will find all of these styles here. Let us look at them one by one;


  1. Modern 

The modern style of interior is one that has modern designs, straight lines of the furniture and limited colour palette. It has a simplistic way of arranging the interior pieces of the house. The interior pieces such as showpieces, paintings, wall pieces etc are chosen that are classic and chic. It involves an interior that is functional and useful for the people living and can be useful as a working environment as well. The textures used inside the house are very smooth and reflective. The furniture has materials like leather. The lighting is in sync with the colours of the wall. There also is a pop of colour in the form of flowers, paintings, instruments etc. Many 3 BHK for sale in Pune will go with a modern interior.

They are mostly preferred by people working in corporate-like IT, software, broker etc.


  1. Contemporary

The contemporary form of design is often used interchangeably with modern. But the main difference between contemporary and modern design is that contemporary has got a bigger colour palette shade and more designs than modern style. Where we don’t see any patterns on furniture, cupboards, sheets, and showpieces in the modern style of house contemporary is full of it. Contemporary houses similar textures of cupboards and cabinets as those of modern houses carry some form of design. There are so

The choice of flooring in contemporary is also mostly wooden and we see more art pieces in the house. There are various wall hangings and also plants that can be seen inside as well as outside the house. The lights are mostly in sync with the walls and the other colours of the interior. 

The colours of the house are mostly of the same colour palette and mostly have added definitions of the contemporary colours of those colours in the colour palette.

This style of Interior decoration is preferred by Media personalities, film stars or Musicians.


  1. Minimalist

Minimalist is a comparatively newer concept. Minimalist designs signify high functionality and less show of high-class artefacts. The furniture is streamlined, the accessories are minimal, there is very less number of artefacts and the décor is made out of the functional elements of the house.

There are only 2 to 3 colours inside the house. The lights inside the house are in sync with the walls exactly. The seating, the tables, the cabinets are not extra and consist of only those elements that are used regularly. The show of patterns is present here and there but the colours generally don’t differ.

This style of design is popular for studio apartments that are small in size. They are used generally by graphic designers, product developers etc.


  1. Traditional

The traditional style of Interior involves earthy and bright colours. The décor is traditional pieces of terracotta, wood, pottery etc. The designs are all traditional and full of earthy colours such as green, brown-red etc.

Everything in the traditional style of interior is focused on the age-old arts. There are pieces of Warli paintings, pot paintings, small oil lamps, wooden carved artefacts. It also has pieces such as bells, big oil lamps, design carpets, traditional swings, wooden rocking chairs etc. In the case of the exterior designs, there are wooden tops, clay ceilings, wood balconies, clay floors, a lot of trees surrounding the house etc.

The choice of scents in the house is pretty simple too. Simple incense sticks, oil diffusers also make for good design pieces and add more traditional value to the house. 3 BHK for sale in Pune can be designed using this style.

  1. Bohemian 

The only rule of the bohemian style of interior is that there are no rules whatsoever. The colours of the décor are carefree and bright. The choice of textures and fabrics is mostly woollen, crochet, traditional designs etc.


The artefacts are also derived from the bohemian culture. The chairs and the sofas have patterned covers and mattresses are in similar patterns


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