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How to Choose Perfume on Online Versatile Store for Men and Women

Perfume Sent shot

Perfume shopping is a strictly personal choice and it is difficult to select perfumes online unless you do your perfume purchase from a reliable store like Perfumebooth.  This online store is widely known for versatilerange of perfumes, which includes perfumes for men and women as well as unisex perfumes and natural perfumes.

Shopping from Perfumebooth is a smooth sailing; however, you need to know the products available here.  The stock is quite extensive and divided in multiple categories. For example, there are alcohol free perfumes, alcohol based perfumes, natural oil based perfumes, etc.  There are perfumes which are available in gift pack, miniature perfume sets, and unboxed categories. 

Perfumes for Men :

Perfumebooth has added almost all leading brands’ perfumes for men in their stock. As a result it is easier for perfume freaks to shop for fragrances for men.  Some of the most popular varieties are fruity, floral, spices, mask, woody, leather, green etc.

Men’s perfumes are available under different variants like EDP, EDT, body spray, body mist, etc. Some of the most popular brands available in this online shop are Chris Adams, Lomani, Perfumer’s Choice, Maryaj, NB, Otoori, Louis Cardin, etc. Perfumes for men are also available in alcohol and non-alcohol varieties, which are priced within affordable limit.

Perfumes for Women:

Perfumes for women are distinctly different than men’s perfume because female exclusive fragrances are more subtle and softly lingering. Floral, fruity, woody, aqua, green and oriental perfumes are extremely popular in female range of perfumes. Available in EDP, EDT, Body mist, body spray, etc. female perfumes are one of the best seller products available in Perfumebooth.

Ladies perfumes widely differ by season. What are the fragrances for summer, they are markedly different than winter perfumes for ladies. Furthermore, ladies often change their perfume according to their personal mood.  If you are planning to buy and gift a female perfume for the lady you love, check all the resources available in Perfumebooth to make a grand choice.

Unisex Category of Perfumes:

Unisex categories of perfumes are often called sports varieties of perfumes. These are available in bold fragrances and mostly used while enjoying outdoor activities or lingering regular office hours.  Citrus, mandarin, and green fragrances are counted as unisex perfumes as both men and women can use these scents as their daily wear.

Unisex perfumes are good for all-season uses. Also one bottle of perfume can be used for both husband and wife and that is good for efficient budget management. People using unisex perfumes can use them for gym, office, outdoor excursions, etc that makes it a versatile wear.

Alcohol Free Perfumes:

There are alcohol free perfumes, which are often called natural organic perfumes too. These perfumes are made with natural oil, which are extracted from herbs, flowers, spices, and woods. These perfumes offer longer silage and smell retention power that may lasts up to 20-22 hours once you have applied it on your body.

The best benefit of using alcohol free perfume is its longer shelf life. You can preserve these perfumes for a longer time in comparison to alcohol based perfumes. In alcohol based perfumes, there is a possibility of evaporation of alcohol but in natural perfumes there are only oils, which are not that volatile. These natural perfumes are less costly than usual perfume but here the product has to be purchased from reliable stores like Perfumebooth only because of their quality assurance on the products.

Unboxed Category of Perfume:

Perfumebooth sells unboxed perfumes. These perfumes are sold with complete guarantee on quality but without the box due to some problem.  If you are planning to buy good quality perfume at lower price than market, you may try buying unboxed products although unboxed perfumes are not available to purchase.  Perfumebooth maintains an individual page to notify its users about the unboxed perfumes. Check the unboxed perfume page of the store to get latest information about the products.

All the unboxed perfumes sold from Perfumebooth match their original standard and the store takes special care to deliver the products free of cost for the buyers to help them in getting the products with due care and professional integrity.

Perfume Sent Shot :

One of the most innovative products sold by Perfumebooth is the scent shot. Each perfume sent shot is  the collection of 7 awesome perfumes in a handy box, which is good in look, safe to preserve, and easy to carry. Each of the perfumes in the case is chosen from the best brands all across the world and they are total 6 in number available for purchase from the online store.  Three out of 6 Perfume Sent shot are meant for men and rest three are designed for women.

There are three benefits of buying a perfume sent shot from the store. These are:

  • Getting 7 awesome perfumes at one go for mini perfume so that you can buy the bigger bottle after using the product
  • Getting 7 best perfumes at peanut price:  each perfume sent shot is MRP as Rs. 899
  • You will get a one voucher of Rs. 501 and 3 Refill voucher of Rs.100 with purchase of each scent shot so that you can buy your favorite perfume from Perfumebooth at extraordinary price.

Miniature Perfumes:

Miniature Perfumes are sold from the store maintaining great look, quality, and cost efficiency. Most of the miniature perfumes are sold in a set, so they form an amazing gift items for the perfume lovers. The perfumes are available both for men and women, respectively.

Perfume Gift Set:

There is nothing like a perfume gift and Perfume booth has the options for gift of perfumes for men and women. So you can now give your perfume shopping a pleasant boost with perfume gift sets from some of the best perfume brands with global reputation. These are the products of Perfumebooth that deserve special mention while talking about your perfume shopping online. Simply visit the shop and you will get spoilt with plenty of quality options. Buying perfumes was never such an opulent bonanza as you will find with Perfumebooth…happy shopping..Try today!!

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