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How To Choose The Appliance Repair Company: A Checklist

Home appliances surely make our lives easier. But like everything, they can break down at the most unholy hour. When this happens, the rhythm in your home – and your life – will definitely be disrupted. Just imagine your washer conking out on the weekend while you’re washing mounds of clothes or your dishwasher bogging in the middle of a party or gas leaking from your oven. For sure, you want any broken home appliance repaired to restore normalcy.

While you want them fixed in no time, make sure that it is done by a reliable and experienced appliance service company. This guarantees that your home appliances are properly and safely handled.

But while there are many appliance repair companies and technicians, choosing a good firm can be a tough decision. Not all of these repair providers offer the same level of expertise, service, and rates. The average cost to repair an appliance is around $171 but may vary depending on the complexity of the project. If you are not careful, you can end up with technicians that overcharge or take advantage of the homeowner’s lack of knowledge.

So, how do you choose the right appliance repair company? Here’s a checklist to help you get started.

  • Ask around from friends and family

  • Check online reviews

  • Check if they are licensed and authorized

  • Check the qualifications and experience of technicians

  • Visit their office or website

  • Request for an estimate from several companies

  • Compare price quotations to get the most reasonable deal

Qualities of a good appliance repair company

Now that you have options and are ready to choose, make sure the company possesses the following qualities.

  • Reasonable repair time. Although every homeowner wants speedy service, some appliance repair jobs require time to ensure quality work. Reputable providers would give you a reasonable turnaround time based on the complexity of repairs needed. While you don’t want to rush them, they need to do it in the shortest time possible. In some cases, repair time may be affected by other factors such as availability of spare parts or equipment, the volume of work, and holidays.

  • Honesty. This is a crucial trait and foremost trait to look for from an appliance service company. Transparency is a good measure of honesty. You can check it with their estimate, if everything is properly itemized, including labor, materials, and potential extra, unexpected costs. Read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family. After all, home appliances are costly investments and you want to protect them.

  • Accredited and licensed. According to technicians at Hartman’s Repair, Jacksonville, not all appliance repair companies are authorized or accredited by the major appliance manufacturer. Licensed companies are guaranteed to offer quality services. They are regularly checked for compliance with the policies and standards of manufacturers and government regulators. Furthermore, they have direct links with major brands, so they can easily request spare parts or refer clients anytime. More importantly, if your appliance is still under warranty, you can get it repaired at a minimal cost.

  • Certified repair technicians. A reputable appliance repair company is manned by qualified and certified technicians who have completed necessary training and have proven proficiency. There should be no issue showing their credentials. Some companies even post their certifications as proof of their competence.

  • Experienced. Surely, you want to entrust your appliances to professionals with expertise. An experienced technician has encountered similar troubles and knows what needs to be done. They can provide advice with confidence, whether it’s wise to repair or replace the unit.

  • Provides clear recommendations. Most likely, homeowners are not well-versed with technical stuff, so you depend on their expert advice. They should provide you with understandable explanations on the appliance’s problem, recommended repairs, and alternatives.

  • Availability. Quite obviously, you should choose a provider that is readily available to your requests, particularly in case of an emergency. This is particularly true if you have appliances that need urgent repair. A good measure is their responsiveness to your calls or messages.

  • Warranty and insurance. A good measure of the quality of work, the warranty ensures that the appliance is repaired completely and will not conk out shortly. It also gives peace of mind knowing that the unit is covered in case of problems. If the repair technician will work within your premises, make sure to also check their insurance. This keeps you covered in case accidents happen while they’re working on your appliance.

  • Good reputation. Lastly – and most important of all – hire an appliance repair company with a solid reputation, plenty of good reviews, and satisfied customers. If previous clients have overwhelmingly positive feedback about the company, then it’s likely a great indication of the quality of service they provide.


Make sure you hire only the best appliance repair company that meets and exceeds your expectations. This guarantees that your appliances are in the best hands. Don’t rush to have your appliance fixed. Take time in choosing the right repair company.

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