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How to Choose the Best Labels and Stickers Services for your Business


Custom label printing has its own uses. Labels provide information about the product: its size, price, instructions for use, and other additional bits of information. They are used to identify a product and keep it separate from other similar items. Stickers, on the other hand, are used for promotional purposes mainly. However, they can also be used for the same purposes as a label. Ultimately, the only major difference is the means in which they are attached to something; one stick and one is attached in their usage. Labels are comparatively more widespread than stickers, due to the perception of the latter as irrelevant when it comes to sales.

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That, however, is a very wrong concept. Have a look around, and you will spot at least one sticker advertising something. Stickers for kids are used by stores to attract the children, and hence their parents. They are very cheap to produce in massive quantities and are easy to distribute. Just peel and stick wherever you need them to be. They are long-lasting and last longer than other sorts of advertisement campaigns. Sticker design can be in any shape and size, and you can use them to produce any art used for decorative purposes. They are weatherproof and can be permanently stuck anywhere. If that is not a great way to let people know about your items, we don’t know what is.

Overall, we know that these both are used by companies to promote themselves, as they are cheap, easy to mass-produce, easy to distribute, and long-lasting. Therefore, for a business to utilize these benefits, they need a good printing company.

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How to choose the best service?

When it comes to deciding what factors you should consider when looking at this, there is a range of them. We have compiled a list of individual aspects of a good and effective label or sticker making service so that you can easily choose the best one to make your product stand out.

  • Specialization:

There are many types of labelling. You need to be sure of what type you need. Most services provide services to a specific niche of the market. Thus, you should go and look at a firm that deals with the same industry as yours and deals with the same target audience; for example, QNY creative deals with luxury and retail products only.

  • Idea:

Your label represents a lot for your firm. It is the device through which you will project your brand. It is something that allows people to associate with your company. Therefore, you need a service that also understands the importance of the label design in differentiating your product from all the other competitors out there. Anyone can design and draw a good logo, but what sets a good firm apart is the life they bring to that logo, the public perception of that design. Look for a firm that understands your vision and makes sure that it is portrayed to the people. Companies like Turner Duckworth are famous for providing this very aspect to the campaigns of mega-companies like Amazon, McDonald's, Coca Cola, and Levi’s.

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  • Track record:

Everyone knows that the best way to judge the effectiveness of a company is the results they have achieved. Ask for their portfolio and designs. Have a look at their design and creative team, test the depth of their perception. A company that has successfully delivered will have no problem of lagging in any of these aspects. However, in the opposite case, it will just turn to be a risk to trust some company that is not yet established. And chances are not something that you should be taking when it comes to something like your labels and stickers.

  • Printing styles and techniques:

Just like any other industry, this one has also moved ahead and has to adapt and innovate in order to stay at the top of the game. Look at companies that use techniques like laser printing and digital designing, in order to make better labels. The production process must be up to date to produce these items that are environment-friendly, weather-resistant, and longer-lasting.

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  • Cost:

For a business, the cost of any operation is absolutely important when making a decision. Once you have shortlisted a company that fulfils all of the above-mentioned aspects, judge them according to their charges. However, keep in mind that cost cannot be substituted for quality. Quality of work must always come first. It is easier to remember that this cost is an investment, and it will pay off in the future. Good design and logo on your labels or stickers are what will help the customers to identify with your company, and that is what counts at the end of the day.

Labels and Stickers are used widely by all companies, regardless of size and sales. They are a fundamental and essential part of promotional activities and should be developed and distributed with a specific idea, audience, and impact in mind.

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