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In the USA, where a tangible amount of people own properties, it is a must-do to engage property valuation:

  • For the sake of aligning these properties with the current market value.
  • To engage financial lending institutions like a bank on the security value of the property.
  • For a variation of ventures which includes financing, sales listing, investment estimation, property security, and taxation.

This article will provide a detailed guide in choosing the best property valuation company in the USA. Find more info here.


A certified property valuation company, based in the USA, must first engage the following information to be trusted:

  • The duration and size of the property.
  • An accurate illustration of the architecture.
  • Room analysis [the measurements and layouts]
  • Details of fixtures in the house.
  • The physical condition of the house; the damages and repairs.
  • The comparative value of houses in the area

Apart from that, the firm's report on your property should consider basic amenities in the community, such as water supply, transport system, market demands, road conditions, school and hospital proximity…

Watching out for their Certification and Professionalism, it is important you consider the following tips:

  • Conduct adequate research on registered property valuation firms in your area. You could search online for a detailed review, as prestigious ones usually have their own websites. At the same time, you should get referrals from family, friends and colleagues who have engaged some firms in that regard.
  • A certified firm should have adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance. This policy is not voided by any restrictive measure. It provides financial and legal protection for business and property owners in any situation of lack of professionalism.
  • Be sure to check the firm is qualified and registered with the US financial regulation body, to avoid financial and legal complications.
  • You should look into the track record of valuation companies you find. A reputable valuation firm should be transparent and give you access into its client list, testimonials and sincere reviews. You may also look at their experience and achievements in terms of professional and expertise awards and recommendations. It cements your trust in them.
  • Request for a sample valuation report. Ensure the report provides adequate information and strictly adheres to the industry regulations and standards.
  • Check out their directors to confirm their experience, leadership abilities, and do not have any history of managing liquidated valuation companies.
  • Refer to their specialization. Not all property valuers specialize in the same field. Some base their expertise on rental properties, some on owned properties, and some on buying and selling properties. You can be sure to trust them with yours afterward.
  • It is important to review their costs. Based on the reputability of the company, the cost differs, higher or lower than the regulated market price for property valuation in the USA. You should conduct a comparative analysis of their costs and your budget, as well as their costs and the value they offer.

If proven well, then it is recommended.

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