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How To Choose The Best Sandal For Your Feet

From waking up to going to bed, we are continuously on the run nowadays. Office, school, social gatherings are an integral part of our lifestyle. To make the run comfortable and fun, we need shoes and sandals. That's right. We have hundreds of dresses and accessories to attend different social gatherings like birthday parties, daily Office, tours, hiking, and more. But an outfit looks complete with a matching pair of shoes. Besides, if your feet are not happy with the choice, you will end up with painful heels, strains, or worse. Dislocations due to unfit sandals are not very uncommon in the emergency outpatient department of the hospitals. Now you can understand the importance of choosing the right sandal for your feet. Please scroll below to know the factors you need to consider before buying a new sandal.

Sandal Buying Guide

Before going to the shoe store, decide why you need shoes currently. Every occasion has a different motive and dress code. To get the best out of our clothing and shoes, follow the below-mentioned rules.

Always buy shoes that fit you perfectly. Years ago, elders used to say that you need to buy one unit smaller than your actual size. Because due to walking or running, the show will get loose and eventually fit perfectly. But, the Footwear industry is developing every day to do better and give more support. The materials we use are of high quality and follow the standard size charts. So, if you buy one size smaller or larger than your feet, you will end up with toe pain and heal scratches. It's best to measure your feet before trying on sandals because the measurement can vary more or less an inch in different companies. Make sure there is not more than one finger inserting room available after putting on the shoe.

Another essential thing to notice before buying shoes is support. Most fashion heels are suitable for the runway only. These specialists are not sandals for wide feet. The stripes and pointed heels will not only leave you with encroaching pain. If you don't have proper training in walking with them in the initial stages, it can leave you at the hospital for days with a twisted ankle or broken toe. Some people think support means the ground below. But it is not even close. For example, the flip flops are very comfortable to wear as they don't have extra heel or curvy designs. But they are not suitable for long-standing in anyways. Because they can cause sore feet and sole pain, doctors restrain the use of flat shoes during pregnancy. You can use padded soal shoes or sandals. They look at the high heel and protect your leg with soft foam. Also, choosing the right design according to your purpose is very important. Wearing a sports shoe to a ball part is not appropriate. Even wearing the fancy shoe to the hike will not serve the purpose. Extreme weather and challenging roads require suitable material. Leather is the most famous shoe material for rough uses and challenging works for ages. But, at the same time, they are cumbersome and not suitable for skin. Especially during the summer, it becomes very unhygienic due to sweating and temperature. Cloth and suede are ideal for your feet, but they can't take the heavy load of tracking and mining. The footwear industry is developing more and more eco-friendly and breathable materials like memory foam or modified rubber. 


Choosing the right sandal can boost your confidence and help you to work a little longer to do more good.

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