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How to choose the best smart box in 2021

SmartBox is the cheapest 4K streaming device. Its price (£ 46) certainly makes it sound like a bargain. However, before you remove the bank card, you need to know that TV SmartBox offers Netflix content in 4K.

Given the popularity of Netflix in 4K, I don't think it's the main reason to buy a new Now TV 4K Smart Box. Instead, Sky Content's promise without a subscription is once again a real attraction, even if it's only 720p resolution.

Following the general approach of Now TV, the new SmartBox itself is a simple little device. It can be installed almost anywhere with a size of 12.5cm x 12.5cm and a height of only 2cm. Also, the remote control is line-of-sight independent so that you can hide it in your closet or behind your TV.

The remote control is friendly. The soft-touch matte finish and the proper combination of ergonomics make it easy to fit in hand, and the buttons are tactile and easy to click.

2k Monitor List

The Best 2K Monitors offer the best of both worlds in terms of performance and cost. It doesn't have a 4k monitor's performance capabilities, but it's more sophisticated than a 1080p monitor, making it ideal for high-quality games and budget-focused viewing experiences.


ASUS ROG is one of the few 2k monitors explicitly designed for gaming enthusiasts. This model has everything you need to improve your gaming experience, including unbelievable refresh rates and incredible color details.

Not surprisingly, beginners who are new to photography and photo editing are reluctant to spend a fortune on professional monitors.

But the good news is that you have a valuable and competent budget option that allows you to manage your editing skills effectively.

Ben QBL2420PT

One such budget option is the BenQ BL2420PT. A 2k IPS monitor designed for color-sensitive tasks such as graphic design, photo-editing, video editing, and animation. This model is specially designed for designers and comes with custom-made features such as CAD / CAM mode. CAD / CAM mode is a unique feature for 3D designers that adjusts the contrast of a 3D model's color lines to make it indistinguishable.


When the AOC Q3279VWF was released, it received a lot of attention and was sold as a large and surprisingly affordable monitor.

Fast forward created the successor AOC Q3279VWFD8. This is similar to an upgraded version of AOCQ3279VWF to me. The reason behind my claim is that this new model encapsulates a large monitor screen at an affordable price, resolution, and most importantly.

Even better, it switches from its predecessor's VA panel to an IPS panel, which is expected to fix some flaws in the original model, such as responsiveness and color.

Dell P2719H

The Dell P2719H is another cheap option and an excellent option for consumers and businesses. On this monitor, you can watch movies, series on sites like LetMeWatchThis, and many more for free. 

Users like this model not only because it is versatile but also because it is easy to assemble and provides reliable performance to the consumer market.

Dell Alienware AW3418DW34

Alienware has used the AW3418DW to design peripherals that are as eye-catching as a futuristic-looking PC.

While the AW3418DW is a premium option, the immersive AW3418DW has a beautiful 34-inch display and NVIDIA G-Sync capabilities.

Generally speaking, this curved monitor provides everything you can expect from a 1440p monitor.

List of UK Broadband Providers

  • BT is the broadband providers in the uk, offering a wide range of fiber broadband services, from ultra-fast connectivity to world-class speed full fiber connectivity. It also provides pay-TV with live broadcasts of BT Sport and the Premier League as its principal commercial attraction and exclusive UEFA Champions League matches.
  • Sky is the UK's largest digital TV provider and offers home phones and broadband services as part of its broadband package.
  • TalkTalk is a large broadband provider that offers home phones and pay TVs in addition to high-value fiber and ADSL broadband services via YouView set-top boxes.
  • Virgin Media offers premium cable TV and broadband bundles to provide high-speed broadband over cable networks consistently.
  • EE provides ultra-fast 4G mobile broadband and fiber broadband for home use. Mobile EE customers can benefit from purchasing EE Home Broadband as it can boost their data plans.
  • Plusnet is a worthy internet service provider that provides customers with affordable fiber and ADSL broadband packages with excellent customer support.
  • Vodafone has turned from a mobile operator to a broadband provider. Vodafone offers various excellent value broadband packages, especially ultra-fast fiber broadband products and 5G home broadband products.
  • Sky-owned NOW Broadband offers affordable fiber broadband packages with easy access to TV add-ons and exclusive content via NOW TV.
  • Hyperoptic is a full fiber broadband provider that provides ultra-fast gigabit internet speeds for new homes and apartments.
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