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How To Choose The Best Social Media Aggregator?

Today, when the world is so digitally migrated, having a social media aggregator as an important tool of your digital marketing strategy is quintessential. And if you are a digital or a social media marketer, then no other tool is as good a friend of yours as a social media aggregator. The job to manage, monitor, and keep track of the latest social media updates, posts, profiles, mentions, hashtags, trends, etc. is so daunting. It exhausts both your time and money. Having a social media aggregator at least saves you on that front by allowing you to manage, monitor, curate, track, display, and analyze social media content from multiple channels all at one place. It saves you both time and money. So, What Is A Social Media Aggregator? The digital marketing world everyday experiences a new tool being innovated to make a marketer’s life easy. But, a social media feed aggregator has already lived a long life and is here to live more. It ain’t going anywhere. It is a bit different from other tools though. Rather than helping you to create new content, it helps you to make the best use of what’s already there. Let’s start simple, a social media feed aggregator, as the name suggests, extracts social media posts from several platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and displays them all at one place i.e. a social wall. A social network aggregator assists you operate multiple social media profiles all at one place, schedule posts beforehand, record performance of your posts across various social channels through Analytics and much more. If you feel curious to use a social media aggregator for your next marketing campaign, there are great options like Taggbox, Juicer, Tintup, Walls.io, Curator and many more. Each one has it’s own unique value. Check them out once and then decide for yourself which one suits your set of requirement the best. How To Choose The Best Social Media Aggregator For Your Marketing Campaign? In order to choose the best social media aggregator for your next marketing campaign, you first need to define your marketing requirements. Next, define all the goals that you wish to accomplish with a social media aggregator for your marketing campaign. Once you have done that, now it’s time to think about which social content aggregator will you employ to make all that happen. Here is a guide that will help you to choose the best social network aggregator for your next marketing campaign.

1. Reliable, Flexible and Compatible

Prefer a Social Feed Aggregator that has been in business for more than 3 years at least. Check for service feedback and client list. It delivers a lot of insight about the authenticity and trustworthiness of the social media aggregator. A good social aggregator would be flexible and compatible too in process and pricing completely suited to your needs.

2. Customizable and Beautiful Themes

An inclusive social content aggregator always offers beautiful themes, responsive layouts, advanced CSS options, and many more amazing customization features to make your content interesting, beautiful and engaging. A good social media content aggregator provides you with features like beautiful background options, creative feeds, attractive banners, tickers, etc.

3. Advanced Moderation Panel

A good Social media aggregator is one that not only produces quantity but also quality. When an aggregator fetches user-generated content from various social media platforms, then not 100% content may be of the threshold quality to be displayed to your audience. Some filtering is always required. Hence, a powerful and Advanced Moderation Panel is a must. It must give you the power to filter out the unwanted content. It is called Content Curation which is important to maintain the feed hygiene and quality of your social content.

4. Analytics

A good social media aggregator will not only allow you to execute your marketing strategy with ease but also allow you to analyze it’s performance. After all, a report card for your hard work and performance is a must. A robust Analytics feature lets you see how your social media content is performing across various social media platforms. It generates reports regarding the same to further improve the performance of the social content. Some really great social media aggregator like Taggbox comes with unique feature like Sentiment Analysis to check the sentiments of the users engaging with your social media content. That gives you an idea of the audience behavior.

5. Real-Time Updates and Social Media Integration

When you display real-time social media posts and updates to your audience, you bring along a trust factor and authenticity with your work. An accomplished and influential social media aggregator gives you the option to fetch posts from most of the major social media platforms in real time thus making your social media content dynamic, vibrant and fresh look thereby attracting an audience. Final Words Social media aggregators are a must for any marketing strategy that deals with content aggregation and curation. Having said that, it is really important for you, as a marketer, to choose the aptest social media aggregator for your marketing campaign to have a successfully executed marketing strategy.

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