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How To Choose The Best Soil Pipe Cutter

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The pipe cutters belong to the family of scissors because like them, they consist of two articulated blades which, whether made of PVC or aluminium, are designed to allow us to cut plastic tubes or cylindrical objects for various functions.

A pipe cutter is an essential tool in plumbing, both for professionals and for DIY enthusiasts, as it allows a clean and precise cut in a tube faster than an arc saw.

Pipe cutters comes in many shapes and sizes, so make sure that the blade is suitable for the material you need to cut. Pipe cutters can be used to cut copper, steel, brass and plastic pipes. Before you choose the best soil pipe cutter, you must have a basic knowledge of their qualities and applications in various fields.

Both in the field of plumbing and for other applications of an amateur nature. A pipe cutter is a tool used to cut round tubes at right angles. In addition to producing a clean-cut, this tool is often fast, being the most convenient way to cut pipe versus the option of using a metal saw (although this depends on the type of metal in the pipe). The most popular model is composed of an adjustable sharp disc with a jaw grip, with two or more cylinders, on the side opposite the cutting disc.

 It is used by squeezing the cutting wheel by rotating it around the tube repeatedly until the entire wall thickness is cut. Plumbing or plumbing works constantly require the cutting of pipes of various materials, such as copper, aluminium, soft steels, plastics, etc. Currently, one of the most used in this trade is copper (used mostly in air conditioning facilities). There are several types of tools for cutting harder materials. Although the tubes can be cut with an appropriate saw, this tool can deform or leave a rough finish at the end of the pipe, so it is most appropriate to use a pipe cutter or pipe cutter.

There are specific tools for each type of material: high strength, durability and reliability equipment. Its mechanism is fastened by a chain and designed to cut dirty water pipes made of iron, cement or clay.

There are different types of tube cutters.

Copper tube cutter: they are for standard copper tubes.

Chain cutter for large tubes: for use in thicker tubes. It is a pipe cutter with several sharp wheels on an adjustable chain. It is used by tightening the chain using the tensioning handle and rotating it around the tube several times until the entire thickness is cut.

Plastic tube cutter: similar to a secateurs, they can be used for thin plastic pipes and tubes (up to an inch), such as a drain or sprinkler pipes.

 Copper pipe cutter

The copper tube cutter is used to precisely cut stainless steel tubes. The body is made of zinc die-cast, and the cutting wheel is made of highly alloyed and tempered steel. Two wide guide rollers ensure a safe direction of the cutting wheel through the tube. The pressure is regulated by the chrome threaded bar with soft feed. Ergonomic T-handle allows maximum force transfer. Thanks to the special geometry of the cutting wheel, a cut without external burrs are obtained.

Chain cutter for large tubes

These tube tools provide unique solutions for large tubes and are designed to save you time and trouble. The solutions include large diameter tube cutting equipment and cut up to 48 ”outside diameter and tools to interrupt the flow in PE pipes, tape wrenches and more.

Plastic tube cutter

Tube cutter: there are two types of tube cutters, the scissors style and the ratchet style. The scissors are perfect for PVC pipes with measures between 1.3 cm and 2.5 cm, but lose effectiveness in larger diameter tubes. The ratchet ones are recommended for those larger tubes, and they are also good for the small ones, so it is the most suitable cutter whatever the size of the tube. It must be said that it takes a lot of strength for the scissors style, it is better to invest in the other if you are going to use it frequently.

Best soil pipe cutter

In the case that you wonder which is the best soil pipe cutter, It all depends on what you are using it for. If you are doing a new job, one type of scissors is good, set the size once and cut, cut, cut. If you cut accessories, a ratchet works best. For general use, Wheeler-Rex 490 is an excellent choice. It works very well if there is little space.

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