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How to Choose the Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal

Engulfed with snow-clad Mountains, Nepal is a beautiful country nestled between India and Tibet. Being infamous as one of the ancient yogic places, the country is widely popular as meditation capital. Enriched with serenity and divinity, Nepal is the place where sages and saints attain enlightenment.  Nepal allures thousands of aspirants across the globe to garner the rooted learning of yoga with yoga teacher training.  So embark upon the indefinable transforming voyage of yoga and spirituality on the birth land of Buddha- Nepal, under the guidance of finest yoga erudite.

To attain the best, mentioning down the points that help choose the best yoga teacher training school in Nepal for garnering the learning and practice of the ancient science of life.

To be a Certified Practitioner

With yoga teacher training in Nepal, you not only attain the in-depth knowledge of the ancient art but also become a certified yoga trainer and can set a flourishing career as a yoga teacher. And to unfold the yogic layers of philosophies and teaching, enrolling in the best school is required. There are various things that contribute to make the school apt for yoga training but to assure about its credibility choose a school affiliated to Yoga Alliance.

Background Check

Checking upon the certification is great, but apart from it, you also need to go through the background details of the yoga center. Know about the experience, history, read the testimonials or talk to the alumni, etc. There are many schools that make fake promises and hardly keep up with their words. So, it is better to check the credentials rather than succumbing upon the verbal assurance.

Learn from Acclaimed Yoga teachers

Nepal is home to many traditional yoga gurus, saints, experienced teachers, and erudite. Undergoing yoga training here surely make you learn every yogic aspect under the esteemed guidance of experts. To attain the authentic and traditional knowledge of yoga, it is advisable to know about the teachers of the school before making a decision. Go through the teachers’ profile to know about their qualification, experience, yoga background, teaching styles, the field of expertise, etc.

Choosing a Place with Lineage

Choosing the right place is essential for yoga training. An inspiring ambiance adds the desired beauty to the practice. Additionally, a place with a legacy makes your task of selecting the best school easier. Travel to Pokhara, the city of Lakes and a place renowned for yogic practices. Yoga teacher training in Pokhara makes you garner the opportunity of choosing the best school easily. Being a yogic land, Pokhara boasts of amazing traditional yoga schools and centers that are located in the serene surroundings.

Curriculum Reveals the Quality of Education

Going through the syllabus is the most important point to consider before choosing a yoga teacher training school in Nepal. A curriculum always reveals the quality of the education and an ideal yoga training module should cover basic subjects including- yoga philosophy and anatomy, asana, meditation and pranayama practice, knowledge of chakras, mantra and mudra, Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking, adjustment and alignment, teaching practicum, etc. Even if you’re going for an advanced course like 300 Hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, check whether the curriculum includes new subjects and advance the learning of the basic ones.

Student-Teacher Ratio

It is important to check and consider the class size; an ideal student-teacher ratio should be between 15 to 20 students. Less number of students means more attention from the instructor, more personalized practice, and better student-teacher connection.

Comfy Accommodation and Wholesome Food 

The renowned yoga schools in Nepal have the best accommodation facilities and also offer wholesome meals (Sattvic in nature), herbal drinks, and excursion facilities. Many schools have on-campus accommodation facilitated with basic and modern amenities. These factors make it easier for you to choose an ideal and cost-effective school for YTTC.

Yoga teacher training is a life-transforming journey. To commence it in a rightful way, choose a school where your heart wants to go, but only after checking everything needful about it.

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