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How to choose the bikini that best suits you?

The summer is just around the corner. After some time preparing our body, it is time to choose the most suitable swimsuit to be able to wear it on beaches and swimming pools. If you still don't know how to make that selection that best suits your body, worry no more, you can buy a bikini from Dubai online store.

Steps to follow:

1. Observe your body. Your figure will determine the bikini that best fits you.

Athletic or straight body: If you are very thin and do not have much chest or your curves are defined, sign up for bikinis that highlight your athletic figure. You can also choose to highlight bust and hips.

Apple-like figure: If your fat accumulates in the chest and belly, but you have thin legs and small hips, your ideal bikini should have a brief that highlights your hips and a top that reduces your bust.

Pear body: You will have it if your weight is concentrated on your hips and butt. If so, select a brief that reduces your hips and a top that highlights your bust.

Hourglass figure: In this case, your chest and hips will be wide and your waist is narrow.

2. Choose top. Before choosing any top, you should take into account the color, fabric and cut that best suit you. Keep the following tips in mind:

·         If you have a small chest and you want it to look bigger, avoid buying a dark-toned top. It is better to opt for clear and shiny ones and strapless or bandeau. In addition, those with ruffles will give you more volume. You can also buy it with push-up or padding.

·         If you want your chest to look smaller, opt for black or dark colors. It is important that you choose a top that supports you well, so it is best to wear underwire and avoid bandeau types, as well as stripes.

·         To highlight your bust, the ideal are classic or triangle bikinis. You can also choose a strapless or halter top (held around the neck).

3. Choose panties. Make your gluts look great, highlight your legs and hide what you don't want to show. Sign up these tips:

·         Make your butt bigger. The ideal for this are the panties of light tones and with some ruffles.

·         Otherwise, if you want your ass to look smaller, opt for black or dark tones. Ideally, your panties should be high and avoid ruffles.

·         Enhance your butt with string briefs. You can also buy a bikini with many details.

·         To make your legs look longer, the best thing is a high brief that reaches your hips. Otherwise, opt for culottes.

4. Make a good combination between panties and top. If you have bought the pieces separately you must take into account some considerations when putting them together.

·         Monochromatic or color combination. Either you can use two shades of the same color or combine a bright color or opt for the opposite colors. There are multiple options!

·         It doesn't matter that you wear uneven sizes. Think that you can have a bust size that does not correspond to the butt. Choose the size that best suits you in each part of your body.

·         Put a lighter shade on the part you want to highlight, be it bust or hips.

5. Select the most appropriate bikini for you. Either in terms of age or figure you must avoid disaster. For example, if you have a C cup or higher, avoid small or string tops, so your chest will not protrude from the sides. The best option in this case is a halter type.

6. Feel great and confident to show off your bikini. Opt for good posture and a positive attitude and you'll look great in your swimsuit.

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