How To Choose The Perfect Window Furnishings?


Window furnishings include anything that covers a window, either for functional or decoration purposes. They are classified into two types: hard window furnishings and soft window furnishings. Window shades, wood blinds, shutters, drapes, and curtains - all come under these. There are various factors to consider when deciding which kind of furnishing to choose for windows. When you determine what you want the most out of window furnishing—privacy, protection, light control, or style, your decision will be a simple one. Here are some of the factors you need to consider for choosing the perfect window furnishings.


Shape, Size, and Length

The most widely recognized window shapes are curved, rectangular, circular, and inlet. Beyond the window’s shape, consider how it opens as this can help in deciding the kind of coverage required. Curtains that fall precisely to the floor level are in trend. For a more dramatic look, you can decide on a size that is longer by a couple of inches so that the window hanging can flow over the floor. Finishing them at the sill for more modest windows is also an exemplary choice; however, a full-length curtain could function better. If there are kids at home, curtains that are a couple of inches above the floor are certainly a better choice. An even better option would be to install wooden blinds in Delhi.



Blinds, Curtains and Drapes

Versatile blinds and curtains are exemplary furnishings that work in both formal and casual rooms. Rod-pocket drape panels dangle from a rod embedded through the channel at the highest point of the curtain. A combination of lavish texture with a significant rod looks exquisite in a formal room, while lightweight texture mellows the space it’s in. Tab-top curtains that keep the rod visible function splendidly in a casual room, while drapes with noticeable creases sewn into the panel’s tops are of the traditional style. The design works with rings and rods or a corded pulley framework.



This is one of the top considerations when choosing furnishings for your windows. Determine the level of privacy you would need. While windows allow you to appreciate the natural light and the view, they can also let neighbors and bystanders look into the houses. Take into consideration the room and how much privacy you need.


For specific rooms, sheer curtains might be sufficient. For others, you may need opaque curtains that completely open and close or wood blinds or shades that block light and view from outside. Bedrooms and bathrooms need more privacy from window furnishings than a living room or kitchen. A combination of sheer curtains and blinds can be used for more customization of light entering and privacy considerations for the day.


Colour Scheme

Request the blind manufacturers or curtain suppliers for samples so that you can see how it looks in your home. If the room has cool white walls, a warm white window furnishing may look yellowish and the other way around, so if you are having warm white walls, utilize a cool white texture on your windows. Textures and patterns can add interest. Find out how the chosen color of curtain or blind looks by requesting samples.  


Window furnishings can add a completely new look to your home. So, make sure to choose the right furnishings and give your home a fresh look. 

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