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How to Choose the Right Heated Towel Rail for Your Bathroom?

Do you like to have a warm towel after a bath during the winter or through all seasons? Well, a heated towel rail is one of the best bathroom accessories that you can fit in your bathroom, to get a warm and crispy towel after a refreshing bath!And if you want to shop towel that is designed to keep you and your loved ones safe, Mizu Towel is a perfect choice for you. Mizu luxury bath antibacterial towel sets are made with anti-bacteria technology and come with natural cleaning silver fibers that change color when dirt builds up.. These hyper-absorbent towels are created with the finest Japanese design.

Don’t have a heated towel rail in your bathroom yet? Never mind, you can buy one that’s perfect for your bathroom and start enjoying a warm towel after every bath. This blog post will help you to shop for the right heated towel rail for your bathroom. 

3 Major Types of Heated Towel Rails Are Listed Below: 

1. Free-Standing Heated Towel Rail 

A free-standing heated towel rail provides superb flexibility concerning placement and use. Besides, installing is effortless, as the unit gets plugged into a standard electric outlet and it’s ready for use. 

2. Ladder Heated Towel Rail 

The ladder rail is common to Aussie households — two vertical rails and some horizontal rails form the ladder. They are available in a variety of heights and widths to fit comfortably within any bathroom. Bathrooms having limited floor space can gain from installing wall-mounted units as they comfortably fit in place of conventional towel rails. 

3. Individually Heated Towel Rails 

A simple, minimalist style rail system — individually heated towel rails come with a connector strip inside the wall, so you’ll see horizontal rails. 

What Finish You Like — Chrome, Stainless Steel, or Matt Black? 

Heated towel rails are available in an array of materials and finish-coatings such as stainless steel, brass, chrome, copper, and nickel. However, chrome or stainless steel plated brass widely used in Aussie homes. 

ü  One of the preferred choices, stainless steel is also the most resourceful and lively rail on the market, and available in polished and brushed finish choices. However, polished-finish can easily show fingermarks. As stainless steel retains heat very well, it’s energy-efficient.

ü  Chrome is hard-wearing and is the ideal choice for modern bathrooms and bathrooms having minimal style, but it can flake off gradually.

ü  Matt black is in the trend, and a favourite of architects, builders and renovators, and they are extremely popular with new modern bathrooms. Its neutral matt tone is a charm, and it’s best to provide a contrast effect with other colours or surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom. 

How to Select the Size of Heated Towel Rail?

Well, selecting the heated towel rail size depends on the following three vital factors:

1)     The size of your bathroom.

2)     How many persons will use the bathroom?

3)     The number of towels you want to keep dry and warm.

That means:

ü If you have more people in your family, then you need to have more towels and a larger heated towel rail.

ü To keep more towels, you’ll need broader bars or more towel ladder rungs.

In a nutshell, you should choose “Not very big or small but large enough heated towel rails that fit inside your bathroom flawlessly and look appealing”.

How to Choose the Style for Your Heated Towel Rail? 

You’ll get both modern and traditional-styled heated towel rail. Modern heated towel rails are available in matt black, white and chrome finishes that’s ideal for modern homes or bathroom interiors. The traditional-styled heated towel rail is an excellent choice for older looking homes. The other feature that needs consideration is, will you prefer curved or straight rails, arched or straight tops. 

What Do You Prefer? A Hard-Wired or Plug-In Heated Towel Rail! 

ü  The plug-in isn’t as safe as the hard-wired heated towel rail. You have to make sure the right precautions are in place, to keep the surroundings safe.

ü  A hard-wired towel rail incorporated into the property’s electrical system and only a certified electrician should install it; hard-wiring hides the wiring within a wall switch. 

Plug-in or hard-wired, both units manoeuvred with an ON/OFF switch or a timer. Well, a timer will facilitate you to switch on your towel rail before you go in for a bath and lets you enjoy your shower every day, and you get warm towels the moment you come out.

Note: Regardless of your preference, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is, “a heated towel rail must NOT be installed directly above a bathtub or inside a shower because it can increase the likelihood of electric shock. 

The Bottom Line 

Indeed, a towel rail is a fantastic way to dry your wet towels speedily and handily, adding style to your bathroom decor. Why wait, right away install a heated towel rail in your bathroom and enjoy its many benefits!

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