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How To Choose The Right Plumbing Pipe For Your Home

Plumbing can be quite complex, especially if you are planning to do it yourself. Even if you plan to take services from a reliable plumbing company, you must know the basics of plumbing dos and don'ts. And, for that, knowing about the most suitable type of plumbing pipe for your home is essential. 

Plumbing pipes are almost the same for residential or commercial purposes. You can find different materials, each having its pros, cons, and cost. You should know the application for which they are suitable. Otherwise, you might end up installing the wrong pipes in your building. That can be costly for you later. 

This article mentions some guiding tips to help you choose the right plumbing pipe for your home. You will read about different types of pipes with their pros and cons. This would be helpful for you in finding the right one.

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Different Plumbing Pipes

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pipes are the most useful but expensive pipes out there. They are used in many residential and commercial buildings. If you are looking for a corrosion-resistant pipe, stainless steel pipe would be your best bet.

Because they have excellent corrosion-resistant quality, and they are good for coastal areas. They look neat when installed and retain their outlook for a long time. So, if you are not tight on a budget and looking for some durable material, a stainless steel pipe is the best choice.


PEX pipes are also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipes. Such pipes are also flexible, with a plastic layer on the outside. These pipes are good for your residential needs of water flow. They are also resistant to corrosion. 

However, a major drawback is that you can’t use them for outdoor purposes because UV rays can damage their outer plastic layer. But if you are looking for a cheaper pipe, PEX might be one option for you. Also, PEX pipes can withstand water pressure. 

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are also safe and suitable for residential or commercial use. There are no health risks involved in a properly manufactured copper pipe. They can handle the heat well that makes them ideal for use in winters. 

However, copper pipes may need replacement sooner than plastic pipes. They are expensive, and their early replacement also makes them the most expensive choice as pipes. 

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are the most common pipes used for residential purposes. They are used as drainage pipes for tanks, sinks, and toilets. PVC pipes. 

PVC pipes are less expensive and are less affected by corrosion. However, heat and prolonged sun exposure can affect PVC pipes and their outer layer. Therefore, they are not suitable for hot water conditions and only useful for drainage water. 

Brass Pipes

Brass pipe is also a good choice to use for residential or commercial purposes. It provides great resistance to corrosion. A brass pipe with 80% of copper is called a red brass pipe. Brass pipes are also very durable.   

Why Are There Different Types Of Pipes?

Pipes have to go through different circumstances. There might be differences in the temperature, pressure, and softness properties of each material. That is why different types of pipes and knowing their details is crucial to find the best one. 

Finding It Hard To Buy A Pipe?

Yes, it might be hard for you to find the most suitable plumbing pipe. But this guide might help you in at least finding the basic types of pipes for your use. You must know your local codes, preferences, and needs before choosing one. If you are looking for a cheaper option, PVC or PEX pipes are good. But, if you want better durability and life, copper and stainless steel are the best for you. 


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