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How to Choose the Right Printer for Leasing?

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Any business needs a ton of printing work done daily for official reasons. While some printing work requires monthly or quarterly interventions, the nature of your work could require you to print data daily. 

A high-quality printer does not come cheap, so leasing is the best idea if you need premium printing. However, with several models and lease options available, how do you know which printer leasing deal would be ideal for you? Here are some points you could ponder on. 


  1. Technology Upgrades 

Your lease on the printer could be anywhere between a period of three to five years, perhaps even more. Contemporary printers rely heavily on software for their performance. While choosing a printer for lease, think about how much scope you have to upgrade the printer in the future. 

Will the leasing company help you with the upgrades? How much will the upgrades cost? Can you upgrade the printer during the ongoing lease period, or will you be able to do so only during renewal? Answering these questions will help you pick the right company. 


  1. Asset Management

While choosing a printer on a lease, consider if the leasing company will help you with all aspects of handling and installing the printer. Will they manage the equipment delivery and set up? It would also be ideal to combine the equipment, installation, and subsequent servicing in a single contract to save time and hassle. 

They should also help you safeguard your asset in times of inflation, and lock-in prices prevent your EMIs from going up during the lease period.


  1. Business Requirement 

While choosing a printer on a lease, your business requirement is of paramount importance. How much printing would you need to get done? Will the printing involve high-quality graphics, or mostly texts? 

A multi-function printer can handle various kinds of printing jobs. Still, other features rolled into printers today like scanners, fax machines, and even data storage in some capacity should be considered. If you do not want the additional features, even a standard laser printer will work fine for most day-to-day tasks, and you can get them at reduced lease prices


  1. Budget

While leasing a printer remarkably reduces the costs, you still have to pay some money each month as payment against your lease. Leasing a printer is cheaper than buying one, but you should weigh the functions against what you are paying for. Moreover, how many of those functions will you end up using? 

It is a good idea to have a decent printer at your disposal because your competitors will not settle for anything less than the best. You have to be at par with your competitors, if not better, to do well. Thus, you need to consider the investment carefully.


When you finally go for printer leasing, it would be prudent to lease a mid-range to a high-range printer that gives you optimum output, rather than going for a low-end printer that can crash with any extra work. With the reduced monthly payments that a lease enables you to enjoy, you can opt for some of the best printers for your business. 








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