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How to choose the right Steel Casting Foundry?

The advancement in technology and machine has made the steel casting foundries of today yield customized stainless steel castings with precise details and extreme dimensional accuracy.

Though bigger doesn’t mean better, however selecting a big casting foundry means that they will have better equipment, higher experience and efficient manpower to support your project. Once you have found some good steel casting foundries, it is important to compare them using the below given criteria to pick the best one:

One-stop solution

A good foundry will possess the experience of custom mold making on their own. If a foundry doesn’t offer mold-making and casting service together, then make sure you enquire about their production cost, budget as well as lead times. Though a la carte may appear to be the best solution for those low on budget, the bigger lead times because of shipping and other things may add to your cost in the long run. Hence, you should look for everything in-house.

Machine and test

Choose a foundry that offers all machining and test services at one place to save your money and time. Look out for their metallurgical labs, equipment and inspection procedure. The steel investment casting produces remarkably precise parts with brilliant tolerance for commercial and industrial uses which need better machining and testing before put to use. Enquire about surface treatments for steel castings. Select a steel casting foundry which provides custom, budget-friendly surface remedies.

Industry knowledge

If you have a particular project about arms or aviation sector, then work with a foundry which has experience in this field. An expert casting foundry with experience will give you any imaginable shape, irrespective of how complicated it is, without impacting your budget.

The passages and internal holes are simple to cast just like the external components like bosses, shoulders and flanges. As soon the molten metal shrinks during its freezing, the shape should be considered. A sleek and long part will freeze and shrink at a quicker speed in comparison to a round shape. 

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Streamline assembly

Investment casting helps you in combining several parts as one unit and to be casted in one application, saving the manufacturers finishing and assembling hours. The steel casting foundry should also suggest the design and prototype part.


Once the post-production time is reduced, waste is lessened and the assembly is designed, the casting procedure becomes more cost effective and proficient for the manufacturer.

Custom steel casting

This approach is recommended for smaller and lighter castings but may also be used for heavy vehicle gears, dental fixtures etc. The several available grades of stainless steel permit the foundries to get your designed customized to meet the requirements of every industry and make cost-effective, top notch and enduring parts.

At Dawang Steel, you will find the best steel casting foundry at the best price without any compromise in the quality. You can all types of steel components with different shapes and dimensional precision to get the required equipment for a perfect outcome. 

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