How to Choose Your Corporate Event Planners


If you organize a lot of corporate events in your company, you might want to consider hiring event planners like SYNC Productions for the same. These people have more experience and knowledge about hosting corporate events and may even decrease the overall budget by getting everything done at the best prices.

However, there are risks involved in getting things done by a professional event planner as well. For example, probably the planner is not as experienced as they claim to be, or if you leave everything on them, the event may not be as per your wish. The planner may even spend a lot more than the budget, which is undesirable. So, how do you choose the right corporate event planners? Consider the skills mentioned below.

1. Passion

While selecting the planner, you should seek how passionate they are about event planning. If the planner is really passionate, they will pour plenty of energy and enthusiasm into their work. The event would not be just another contract for them but something they love to do. This will make the event successful, as it would be close to the planner’s heart.

2. Attentiveness

Another thing to look for is how attentive the planner is. The event is going to be hostedby your company. So, it needs to be as per your choice and requirements. The planner may put in some ideas and add freshness to your vision but the event should be based on what you want it to be like.

This is why the planner needs to pay attention to each and everything you say and then execute your demands creatively without distorting your entire idea. Moreover, the planner should be involved in each stage of event planning like booking the venue, contacting speakers, making the guest list, meeting with caterer and photographers, etc.

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3. Experience

You should also consider how experienced the planner is in hosting corporate events. This is important because an experienced planner will know how to fix a mistake at the last moment due to their expertise. Additionally, they will have a better network and knowledge about caterers, photographers, entertainers, etc. Their experience will make the planning and execution of your event seamless and error-free.

4. Availability

You will require your event planner to be present in all your meetings regarding the event. This is why it is important to choose the planner who has a reputation of being around whenever required. As an event planning company gains popularity and expands, it may not pay as much attention to the clients as they should.

Moreover, such companies tend to push the clients into hosting the event as per the convenience of the company. They may use the same décor and menu, which is not desirable. These companies may even mix up your demands or forget about them due to overload and multiple projects in their bags.

5. Creativity

Corporate events are being held almost every day. To grab the attention of attendees and leave a mark, your event should be something they have not been to. In short, it needs to be unique and highly creative. If the planner is more inclined to work with the same color combinations, themes, ideas, and menu, you may want to change your planner.

You should choose a planner who is not afraid to try something new and customize décor and other elements for your event. While selecting the event planning company, have meetings with multiple companies and explain what your event would be about and then give them some time to come up with something new. On the basis of their ideas, you can choose the most creative one.

6. Reputation

Reputation is the one of the most important aspects to consider while choosing an event planning company. The company should not be known for goof-ups in the events, hosting failed or boring events. It should rather be known for delivering perfect end results, which are seamless events. You can look for reviews online or ask your acquaintances for the same.


Choosing an event planning company can be stressful for some because there are numerous such companies promising to be the best. However, there are some factors, such as availability, experience, reputation, creativity, passion, and attentiveness that determine how good a company is.