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How To Choose Your Headboard?

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We appreciate the comfort, the small luxury of a hotel room, the atmosphere and the serenity that it offers us, during our business trips, our stopovers, and our holidays.

We want this comfort, this atmosphere at home in our daily life? So why not offer it? To do well, and to enjoy the beautiful things of life, this is where I invite you today. Know the design, the most classic deco to the most fun.

Do you like interior decoration? Or is it one of the things that attract you, but that is engulfed by daily obligations, this dream remains in the depths of the closet?

Yes, let's face it, we all like to say, I like interior design, design...

But we do not have time to devote ourselves to it. And we sometimes wonder when we are invited to our friends, we wonder how they do? There is no big secret; it is done little by little. You have to start with the little things, the little pieces that make sense of your decor. When you are at the hotel, what gives us the most comfort is the bed. Quality bedding is the guarantee of a good sleep, a good rest, and a good wake up with strength and vigor. A hotel room makes us want to enjoy the room not only for sleep, but especially for a whole day without doing anything in the sun, without moving from bed, because everything is beautiful around us, and this moment, we feel good because we are part of this beautiful scenery.

We will discover how little things transform our vision when it comes to design and decoration. We will know how and why your it can change the comfort of your room. Besides the quality of the mattress, the aesthetics of the bed will be a decisive point that will give the image to your choice, and your preferences.

Best headboard our room can change our decor in various ways. The color of it, leather or fabric, painted or handmade, the mood and the feeling it exudes play a lot on our well-being, our mood, especially when we appreciate the little things that make the difference. A simple color can put us in a romantic, luxurious, exotic, classic, vintage and or simply relaxing atmosphere. So what to choose?

What speaks to us more? Which design do we most identify with?

To welcome at home, the feeling of comfort, luxury, well-being, the feeling of living elsewhere while one is at home, this fragrance of the unknown, of adventure, simply make our room l brilliance that it should, according to our preferences and the taste to be authentic.

It can be made of several materials namely wood, bamboo, wool, leather, iron or paneling. There may also be several colors but for a bedroom, it is important to know that it should not be too bright colors.

You must now ask yourself how to choose an appropriate headboard for your room. You may have noticed that a bed that has no head is not very decorative. Worse, it's like an unfinished, empty decoration that destroys the entire set. It is therefore essential to choose a head. Here are the criteria you need to take into account to get there.

The shape you want to have. There are several forms that you can have. There are some that are rectangular. Others are a little rounded. Some headboards are designed with a random shape but that's really what makes its design. Think first about the shape and size that you might like.

Then you will have to think about color too. Color is very important because you have to make sure that it matches the color of your room and the decoration of your room. To make it easier, it is for example possible to opt for neutral colors such as black, white, brown which generally marries with all the other colors. The rule is just to have a harmonious palette, not vulgar that reveals your personality.

Then you must also make sure you choose the materials with which the head is made. There are several materials used namely silk, leather, and iron or canvas. It's up to you to see what's best for you. You just have to know that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if you want my opinion, the heads that are made of silk fabrics are the most comfortable.

The comfort that the head provides. If you think that is only meant to decorate your room, think again. In fact, this element is also a real source of comfort when you sleep. Among other things, it prevents the head from sticking to the wall. This is so enormously useful especially if you have a cold wall or that tends to be wet. In winter, your head will obviously be protected from the cold. Exactly if your room has walls that have this characteristic, prefer fabric headboards that will give you more warmth in winter. On the other hand, always make sure that it is soft, not imposing to assure you an absolute comfort.


You will understand, it is very important for both your comfort and the decor of your room. Take the time to choose it. But know that this choice will be very difficult. I present you four products that I find relevant and good. I have not tried them yet but as an expert, I know they are reliable.


Eune, modern at the same time classic, it will awaken your senses with its refined white color. Lightly colored, you will appreciate the atmosphere by the sweetness that it will offer to your eyes. With its rectangular shape, its design reflects harmony. Highlighted, it finds its place in a trendy, classic and at the same time fun. Just two colors give everything to feel good.

The gray goes well with the white, but you can also try chocolate brown, not too dark, just the choco sparkle. And you would be trapped, surprised by the image that this will give your room. Indeed, the choice of your bedding takes a place more than important in your house design.

With its synthetic leather, this with your bed will restore meaning to your vision. A beauty that you want to see everywhere and especially in your daily life. So why not have it at home?

Its structure is made of pine wood. Its lining being HR foam, it is not more beautiful to offer you comfort. Indeed, HR foam or High Resilience is, I can say, the type of softest foam that can exist. It is very popular because it offers comfort for a mattress or other equipment. For a mattress for example, the HR foam keeps the morphology of your body and offers your back absolute comfort. In addition, with this type of foam, you will not suffer from moisture because it absorbs your perspiration at night when you sleep.

For this particular head, hardware for hanging on the wall are offered. With a width of 150 cm, a height of 60 cm, and a thickness of 8 cm, everything has been done to gain aesthetics. The brand has really skimped on its efforts to offer a quality product to meet your requirements and your needs.

Sometimes, what is the difference between the hotel room and my room? The hotel has been designed to keep you there as long as possible. Thus, everything has been done with rectitude, for the beauty and its multiple forms.

So if you can feel the same comfort at home, why not do everything to get there by choosing what I presented to you?


Want to decorate your room with a simple but clean design? Why not opt ​​for Banak Hame. Thanks to its know-how in terms of interior design, the brand has been able to speak about it thanks to this product which is out of the ordinary. The first time I saw it, I immediately fell in love with its simplicity but also with its design.

Dressed with the same equipment, your room will immediately have a very elegant style. One of the highlights of this product is its somewhat Nordic style reminiscent of a cabin somewhere deep in the snow-covered woods. Because yes, this head is made of wood. Gray in color, its straight lines will give character to your bed and to the whole of your room. In addition, the gray color is a very trendy color and all-purpose. She can marry with many other colors such as red, blue or yellow. You will have no difficulty integrating it into your current decoration.

But to know a little more, let's look at the brand Banka. In fact, it's a very famous brand that I really appreciate. With 60 years of experience in the field of interior design and decoration, Banka Import has adapted to trends over time. It offers a huge variety of furniture, house linens of different styles, different colors, all with a must taste. Once you see a Banka product, you cannot get away from it. You will adopt it for sure. The brand is best known for being a specialist in wood. This gives him a unique and original style at a time.

More than just a company selling products made of wood; Banka is very respectful of the environment. It even has a treatment plant and a station for recycling waste. It manufactures products made of wood, but at the same time guarantees reforestation.

Currently, Banka has more than 200 points of sale. This is a reference mark that I recommend very much. I did not particularly use this Banka head but I used other products of this brand. I can assure you that nothing is done randomly. Everything is perfectly studied to offer you a quality product that amazes the eyes.

One of the special features of this Banka product is also the fact that it is handmade. Many pieces of furniture on the market are made by automated machines. The advantage of handcrafting is the carpenters' attention to what they do. And that makes a huge difference. In order to maintain quality, Banka does not skimp on its human resources to guarantee well-made, state-of-the-art products.

Are you tired of furniture that requires complicated setups for installation? Then think about buying this Banka head. There is nothing difficult when you install it. You will not need to assemble pieces of wood to decorate your home. Everything becomes easy with Banka. In fact, this head has three vertical spars each provided with a fitting, at the rear. Just use them to hang on the wall. With 162 x 4 x 101 cm dimensions, your bed will be decorated in no time and will find a new youth.

The small problem with the wooden equipment is the discomfort they can provide. Indeed, if you like to sit on your bed every night, to read a book, having under your head a wooden accessory that is hard enough might not delight you too much. On the other hand, if you are a person who suffers from allergies, wood is the ideal material for you. It is healthy and unlike the tissues, it is not too subject to mites. No animal hair can hold.

As for the maintenance, no need to wash this product Banka, just wipe the small spots with a cloth soaked in water and voila.

However, I would also like to warn you that using a wooden head is not suitable for children, especially if they are very agitated when they sleep. Indeed, it is quite possible that they bump and it can be hurt because it is wood.

Want to change the scene or just to have fun? I highly recommend the Home Banka, which I think will also delight you from the first glances.


At the time we live, decorating your room or house is no more than a breeze given the many decorative objects that are already all made in the market. Nowadays, more and more companies are embarking on interior decoration or simply making decorative objects. Among them, there is Berlin got, one of my favorite brands. The headboard that I am going to present to you is also a real work of art that really caught my attention and I'm sure, will also attract yours.

This is a head made with a printed fabric made by Mademoiselle Tess. Ingeniously made with a system of adhesive tape, you will not need to hang it with anything; it clings alone on the head of your bed and gives your room cheerfulness and good mood. The name of the creator is Jerome Brasseux. This is a real decorative element that beautifies your room. Ideal for a bed of 160 cm or 140 cm, the fabric printed Mademoiselle Tissue will give style to the room.

The huge advantage of this is precisely this ease of installation that it offers you. Thanks to the Quick & Easy Velcro system, you will not need to assemble your equipment like what you do with wooden or iron heads. In addition, you can remove it whenever you want. Indeed, this fabric can be washed as much as you want and this, in machine at 30 °. You can also iron it. It is sweet since made with linen and cotton that comes from the Vosges. It can also be used as other decorations in your home.

Multicolored fabric, this will bring a new youth to your room, it can marry with different colors. You can use as much color as you want as long as it is present among the multiple colors of the head.

You have several options for using this. For example, you can give it as a birthday or wedding present.

Remember that berlin got is best known as a brand of clothing and accessories for babies. But the brand has also extended to interior decorative elements like this beautiful and shimmering. Besides, that's probably why she launched a fabric headboard because this type of product is also ideal for children.

And for those who love and know how to tinker, you can even go so far as to try to personalize your fabric.


Decorating a room has never been easier thanks to padded faux white leather. Ideal for a bed of 165 x 115 cm, this will provide a luxurious style to your room. From now on, your room decoration will not be so bland. With this new element of decoration that you will add, your room will be more welcoming, more cheerful and you will not want to leave it.

In addition, white is compatible with all colors. You can marry him to any color you want. Whether for carpet or curtains, you can opt for any color. White leather will enhance it.

Leather is also a very good material. It gives a very refined touch to the room and also gives you softness and comfort. Decorative objects made of leather adapt to all types of rooms. Modern and glamorous, the leather will look great especially if you are still young. It will put even more emphasis on your freshness. On the other hand, it will reveal a chic side for mature people. It is therefore suitable for all age categories except children. In order to give an even more sober and uncluttered touch to your room, you can also use the summer as an object of decoration in addition to the head.

In our case, this is made with faux leather. This material is very advantageous because it costs less than leather. In addition, no major maintenance is required for your equipment. The reason is that the imitation leather is still covered with PVC layer. Therefore, a simple cleaning with a cloth soaked in water is largely sufficient to remove all the encrusted dirt.

It is true that faux leather may not be made of natural material. In fact, it is made from natural or synthetic fibers. However, compared to leather, the imitation leather has a smoother surface and softer to the touch, which for a headboard is important to ensure the comfort of it. Leather, on the other hand, has a rough appearance. In addition, the imitation leather is brighter than leather. This difference is considerable from an aesthetic point of view.

Besides the faux leather, there are also other headboards that are made of PU, a mixture of polyester and cotton. Just like faux leather, this type of head can also be easily and quickly cleaned.

One of the great benefits of this product is also the fixing of the head that will not pose any problem. You can opt for either a wall mount or a floor mount. This accessory has 14 buttons and is 8 cm thick.

In addition, it is also very good value for money. Not only will you have a quality product that will beautify your room but you will not spend a fortune to give it a decorative touch. Now, think about buying this accessory, I assure you that the leather imitation is a very good material; you will not regret your purchase.


To conclude this guide on the headboards, I can only recommend that you choose yours for your safety, your comfort and the aesthetics of your room. I presented you with four products that particularly attracted me to the market. Each of these products has advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing is to know your needs first. Before buying one, ask yourself why you would like to buy such equipment? What color should be so that it fits harmoniously with your room and all of your furniture? Also ask yourself if what would like is hard or soft equipment? In wood or fabric? All these criteria are to be taken into account; it is not enough to buy on a whim. You can later regret your purchase.

Then the dimensions are also necessary. To know the dimensions to buy, first take notice of the size of your bed. There are basically four standard bed sizes in Europe, namely a single bed at 90 x 190 cm, a double bed at 140 x 200 cm, a queen size bed at 160 x 200 cm and a king size bed. 180 x 200 cm. As a rule, it should be about the same width as the bed. However, I recommend that it be more than 10 cm that of your bed. She must leave a little bit out of bed. Then I also recommend that you take into account the height of the bed which is usually between 50 and 55 cm. Make sure the height of your equipment is about the same for matching.

Of the 4 products I mentioned above, you will probably ask me what I would have chosen. Honestly, I will recommend Mademoiselle Tess de Berlin got. In addition to its multicolored design that immediately awakens sense as soon as you enter the room, this product has an invaluable softness. It can be used for children's rooms. In addition you can wash as much as you want.

However, if you are an allergic person, I recommend without hesitation leather or wood heads.

In terms of design, Banka’s product is the one I recommend the most. If you like chic and classic style, it will provide your room with unparalleled originality.

Otherwise, if you are a connoisseur in the world of DIY or sewing, why not make your own product. For an original room, there is nothing better than making your own home furnishings and decorations. Nowadays, the concept of DIY or Do It Yourself is very popular. By the way, you can still customize your equipment even if you bought it from the stores.

In short, having a headboard at home contributes enormously to your interior decoration. To highlight your room, do not choose lightly. Know that if you make a mistake, the expected effect can turn into a nightmare and you will just lost time and money. Also trust your taste for choice. Take time. All that matters is that you buy the product you are buying.

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