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How to Clean A Juicer Filter

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Undoubtedly, the juicing machine is an amazing invention in the kitchen industry that has revolutionized the concept of gaining health benefits from fruits and vegetables. But when it comes to cleaning these machines, it is not an easy task. This is why most juice lovers keep finding the answer to the question, how to clean a juicer filter.

If you are also a juice lover, I bet the same question has brought you to my article. And the good news for you is, you have come to the right place. I have gone through all the difficult stages of cleaning a juicer filter and have faced a lot of frustration and loss of time and energy in dealing with this job. But then I started searching the internet and asking experts about easy tips on how to clean a juicer filter. After trying all the tips available on the internet and the suggestions received from the expert chefs and homemakers, I found out that some of those tips did wonders for cleaning the clogged filter. However, some of them were just a waste of time, energy, and money.

So, to save you from the hassle I had to tolerate, I have jotted down the methods that worked and expelled out the useless tips from my list. Let's move on to the wonderful tips without further ado.

A Regular Cleaning Process – Step by Step Guide

The first and the most important tip is that if you keep cleaning your juicer on a regular basis, you will save your time and effort. I understand that disassembling the juicer parts each time you use it might be tiring for you but trust me. It saves your juicer and your efforts in the long run.

If you wash it after each use, you will find that no residue will accumulate on it, and your machine will remain spotless. On the other hand, leaving it uncleaned for a long time will stain the filter and require a lot of effort to clean the residue.

Before I start telling you the steps to follow for regular cleaning of your juicer filter, let me first make a list of the products you will need for the process.

·       Water for sure

·        A dishwashing soap bar or liquid

·       A cleaning brush (an old toothbrush will do the job well)

·       A spatula

·       A cloth for wiping and drying

Now that you have got all the stuff ready let's jump in the kitchen to clean your juicer filter.

Unplug Your Machine and Disassemble

First thing first, never forget to unplug your machine before disassembling. This should always be the first step whether you are doing a regular cleaning or a once in a month type of deep cleaning. Once your juicer is unplugged, take out the bowl in which the filter or the strainer is fixed. Clean the motor base with a damp cloth because no water should enter the motor.

Remove the Pulp

Move on to the washing part now. Separate all the detachable parts so that you may easily reach the tricky parts of your juicer. There must be a lot of pulp in both the pulp bin and the filter. Remove this pulp with the help of a spatula to save your hand and to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Let’s Wash!

Use mild dishwashing soap and warm water to wash the pulp container and all the other parts of the juicer. Use a brush to extract out any stuck pulp in the filter. Make sure you wash it thoroughly. Otherwise, the residue will start accumulating on the filter. Once you are done washing the accessories with soap. Run them under the tap water carefully until all the soap is removed. 

Let the Parts Dry

Use a dry cloth to wipe the washed parts and let them rest on the drying rack before you put them in the cabinet or reassemble them to your motor base.

How to Deep Clean Your Juicer Filter

If you have ignored cleaning your juicer for a long time or have been using it very frequently for years, you might notice that it is not spotless anymore. This is an indication that it needs a deep and detailed cleaning. Hence, I will now reveal the process of deep cleaning but first, collect the required equipment and products.

You will need,

·       A dishwashing liquid with an enzyme

·       Water

·       A big bowl to soak the parts

·       Denture Tablets

Before starting the cleaning process, as advised earlier, unplug your machine and disassemble all the detachable parts. Once you are done with the detaching and pulp removal, start washing it under warm water with the enzymatic soap. Though the process is almost the same, the soap you are using this time is stronger to increase the effectiveness of stain removal. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the soap after washing your juicer parts because it should not get mixed in your juice.

As you finish washing, check what parts are still having stains. Now use the big bowl to soak the still dirty parts in the fizzing solution of water and denture tablets. Let the parts sit in until you notice the stains are no more.

Other Effective Tips on How to Clean A Juicer Filter

There are a few more tips that I found very useful for cleaning the juicer filter easily.

Cleaning with Milk and Vinegar

Take equal portions of milk and vinegar in a bowl big enough to house all the parts you need to wash besides your juicer filter. Let the parts soak in the bowl for half an hour. Take them out and clean scrub with a soft brush to remove all the residue. You can also use a spray bottle to spray the milk and vinegar solution on the parts if the stains are not very old and stubborn.

Cleaning with Warm Water and Salt

Here comes another tip that worked wonders for my badly stained juicer filter. Make a warm water and salt solution with the ratio of one teaspoon of salt per quart of water. Soak the dirty parts along with the juicer filter in this solution for about 30 minutes. Take them out and rinse with water. Did you see the magic?

Cleaning with Baking Soda

Take warm water in a bowl and mix in around four tablespoons of baking soda in it. Let the dirty parts and the filter stay in the solution overnight. In the morning, wash them with soap and water. Use a brush to remove the leftover stains. They can be easily removed now. Rinse the parts with running water to get all the soap and soda out.

By now, you must have got the answer to your question, how to clean a juicer filter. Do not forget to tell me in the comments which one of the above-given tips worked best for cleaning your juicer filter.

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